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考虑降雨时空变化的单位线研究 张文华 1114
Rainfall-induced landslide stability analysis in response to transient pore pressu.. Lan, HX 868
生态文明建设的科学内涵与基本路径 谷树忠 761
全新世气候事件及其对古文化发展的影响 吴文祥 677
气候变化对中国农业生产的影响及应对策略 刘彦随 653
Study on classification methods of remote sensing image based on decision tree tec.. Shen Wenming(申文民) 628
Comparison of leaf angle distribution functions: Effects on extinction coefficient.. Wang, W. -M. 596
Determination of photosynthetic parameters Vc(max) and J(max) for a C-3 plant (spr.. Fan, Yuzhi(范玉枝) 585
Landslide hazard spatial analysis and prediction using GIS in the Xiaojiang waters.. Lan, HX 501
The Global Economic Crisis and China's Foreign Trade Liu, Weidong(刘卫东) 473
Alteration mineral mapping using masking and Crosta technique for mineral explorat.. Liu Lei(刘磊) 471
Spatial distribution of soil heavy metal pollution estimated by different interpol.. Xie Yunfeng 461
中国生物柴油原料树种麻疯树种植土地潜力分析 吴伟光 455
Climate warming and land use change in Heilongjiang Province, Northeast China Gao, Jay 432
The relationship between NDVI and precipitation on the Tibetan Plateau Ding Mingjun 421
水资源需求预测的研究现状及发展趋势 贺丽媛 400
The productive potentials of sweet sorghum ethanol in China Zhang, Caixia 394
Functional innovation of destination marketing system Wu, Hong(武红) 394
林业生物柴油原料麻风树种植的经济可行性分析 吴伟光 384
A review of heavy metal contaminations in urban soils, urban road dusts and agricu.. Wei, Binggan(韦炳干) 379
Urban land expansion and arable land loss in China - a case study of Beijing-Tianj.. Tan, MH 374
中国特大城市空间形态变化的时空特征 王新生 370
20世纪美国城市体系的演变及其对中国的启示 谈明洪 367
基于InVEST模型的生态系统服务功能价值评估研究框架 杨园园 358
中国水资源状况与水资源安全问题分析 张利平 353
On the spatial relationship between landslides and causative factors on Lantau Isl.. Zhou, CH(周成虎) 352
The Impact of Environmental Non-Tariff Measures on China's Agricultural Exports Wei Guoxue(魏国学) 343
城乡建设用地增减挂钩政策观察与思考 王振波 333
柴达木东缘山地千年祁连圆柏年轮定年分析 邵雪梅 331
Modeling of Hillslope Runoff and Soil Erosion at Rainfall Events Using Cellular Au.. Ma Ting 327
近20年中国耕地复种指数的时空变化 闫慧敏 324
Vegetation change detection based on TM and SPOT images spectrum fusion in the typ.. Li, Yafei(李亚飞) 322
Study on spatial pattern of land-use change in China during 1995-2000 Liu, JY(刘纪远) 319
Fifth-order iterative method for finding multiple roots of nonlinear equations Li, XW 313
Validation of an analytical method for determining soil hydraulic properties of st.. Ma, DongHao 312
The concentration and the abatement strategy of Organic Contaminants in Sewage Slu.. Yu,Jie(余杰) 312
基于表观消费量法的中国碳足迹估算 祁悦 309
Environmental Kuznets Curve for SO_2 Emissions in China Gao Liangliang(郜亮亮) 307
Spatial patterns and driving forces of land use change in China during the early 2.. Liu Jiyuan(刘纪远) 305
Deformation Monitoring and Forecasting Model Study Based on Grey System Theory Liu Rui(刘睿) 302
Changes in Soil Properties Under the Influences of Cropping and Drip Irrigation Du.. Tan Jun-li 302
The extraction of multiple cropping index of China based on NDVI time-series Huang, Haitao(黄海涛) 297
Research on storing raster metadata in spatial database Jiang Ping 296
Relationships between net primary productivity and stand age for several forest ty.. Wang Shaoqiang 296
三江源区典型高寒草甸土壤侵蚀的~(137)Cs定量分析 邵全琴 294
A GIS-based assessment of spatial accessibility to County hospitals: A case study .. Xu, Keshuai(徐克帅) 293
中南半岛五国矿产资源开发现状及中国的投资取向 程新 290
Design and application of natural audio electric field frequency selecting instrum.. Liao, Xiuying(廖秀英) 289
Effects of soil matric potential on potato growth under drip irrigation in the Nor.. Wang, Feng-Xin 288
Moisture variation associated with water input and evaporation during sewage sludg.. Cai L(蔡璐) 288
Remediating lead,zinc,cadmium and arsenic contaminated steel smelting site with hy.. Li,Yanmei(李艳梅) 284
青藏高原主要生态系统净初级生产力的估算 周才平 281
类型变更的相邻气象观测站的日气温资料整合 郑景云 281
Effect of drip irrigation with saline water on tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mil.. Wan, Shuqin 279
The energy requirements and carbon dioxide emissions of tourism industry of Wester.. Liu, Jun(刘俊) 272
Spatial distribution characteristics of organic matter and total nitrogen of marsh.. Bai, JH 270
Classification of densities and characteristics of curve of population centers in .. Ge Meiling 268
中国木薯乙醇的资源潜力及其空间分布 张彩霞 268
A study of interaction between surface water and groundwater using environmental i.. Song XianFang(宋献方) 262
Ambient air temperature effects on the temperature of sewage sludge composting pro.. Huang, QF 260
Responses of Pinus massoniana and Pinus taeda to freezing in temperate forests in .. Zheng,Yunpu(郑云普) 260
中国能源地缘政治的战略定位与对策 郎一环 260
中国土地利用文献分析及研究进展 张镱锂 259
全球气候变暖争议中的核心问题 王绍武 257
Spring phenophases in recent decades over eastern China and its possible link to c.. Zheng, Jingyun 255
中国耕地土壤重金属污染概况 宋伟 255
Effect of the sampling design of ground control points on the geometric correction.. Wang, JH(王江浩) 254
拉萨河流域山地草甸植物个体生物量沿海拔梯度分配特征 赵晓通 251
An instream ecological flow method for data-scarce regulated rivers Liu C. M. 249
对中国餐饮食物浪费及其资源环境效应的思考 成升魁 248
森林生态系统水源涵养服务流量过程研究 李士美 247
Spatial and temporal changes in flooding and the affecting factors in China Nie, Chengjing (聂承静) 247
高科技园区与城市协调发展的生态调控 方创琳 245
碳同位素技术在土壤碳循环研究中的应用 于贵瑞 242
冠层尺度的生态系统光合-蒸腾耦合模型研究 任传友 241
道路绿地消减噪声服务功能研究——以北京市为例 陈龙 241
出口对中国区域经济增长和产业结构转型的影响分析 刘卫东 240
Assessing the effect of land use/land cover change on the change of urban heat isl.. He, J. F. 238
Simulation of the effect of pruning and topping on cotton growth using COTTON2K mo.. Yang, Yanmin 238
Analysis of spatio-temporal dynamic pattern and driving forces of urban land in Ch.. Tian, GJ 237
A method of DEM construction and related error analysis Chen, Chuanfa 237
城市产业集聚动力机制与模式研究进展 吴丰林 236
Spatio-temporal patterns and driving forces of urban land expansion in china durin.. Liu, JY(刘纪远) 233
A simple method using climatic variables to estimate canopy temperature, sensible .. Li, L. 233
中国城市扩展对气温观测的影响及其高估程度 邵全琴 233
A study of root water uptake of crops indicated by hydrogen and oxygen stable isot.. Wang, Peng 232
Responses of streamflow to climate and land surface change in the headwaters of th.. Zheng H. X. 231
Coal-burning roasted corn and chili as the cause of dental fluorosis for children .. Luo Kunli 230
Effect of moisture adjustments on vertical temperature distribution during forced-.. Luo, W. 230
基于SWAT模型的长江源区径流模拟 张小咏 228
中国农业结构调整基本态势与区域效应 刘彦随 227
Effects of surface coatings on electrochemical properties and contaminant sorption.. Zhuang, J 226
Geographical Detectors-Based Health Risk Assessment and its Application in the Neu.. Wang, Jin-feng(王劲峰) 225
城市化与生态环境交互耦合机制与规律性分析 黄金川 225
大样地循环采样的草地生物量空间异质性及误差分析 邴龙飞 225
Water security problem in North China: Research and perspective Xia, J(夏军) 224
Arsenic hyperaccumulator Pteris vittata L. and its arsenic accumulation Chen, TB(陈同斌) 222
Spectral response of winter wheat to crop development and various agronomic limita.. Li 221
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中国台风灾害风险评估 殷洁 12
生态文明建设的科学内涵与基本路径 谷树忠 9
中国城市规模划分新标准的适用性研究 戚伟 9
人口与经济空间集聚的实证分析 董会忠 9
城市总体规划用地布局方案的生态合理性评价及优选方法 蔡春霞 8
Detection and attribution of vegetation greening trend in China over the last 30 y.. Piao S. L. 8
Impact of urbanization on cultivated land changes in China Deng X. Z. 7
山东夏津黄河故道古桑树群生态系统服务功能分析及其对区域生态系统的影响(英文) 孙雪萍 7
人口统计数据空间化的一种方法 廖一兰 6
城市化与生态环境交互耦合机制与规律性分析 黄金川 6
中国台风强度等级与可能灾害损失标准研究 殷洁 6
Assessing scalar concentration footprint climatology and land surface impacts on t.. Chen, Baozhang 6
中国陆地生态系统总初级生产力遥感模型模拟研究 陈静清 6
Climate change impacts on meteorological, agricultural and hydrological droughts i.. Leng G. Y. 6
Landscape-scale temporal stability of soil water storage within profiles on the se.. Li X. Z. 6
Lipid biomarkers and pertinent indices from aquatic environment record paleoclimat.. Ouyang X. G. 6
林分尺度森林生态系统服务权衡——以湖南会同磨哨林场为例 朱建佳 6
Unification of soil feedback patterns under different evaporation conditions to im.. Guo S. X. 6
Vegetation dynamics and climate change on the Loess Plateau, China: 1982-2011 Xie B. N. 6
柴达木盆地夏季降水水汽输送特征的初步研究 黄磊 5
时空聚类在区域生态研究中的应用及时间序列挖掘研究 刘汉丽 5
Impacts of land use and plant characteristics on dried soil layers in different cl.. Wang, Yunqiang 5
Ecosystem vulnerability of China under B2 climate scenario in the 21st century Wu ShaoHong(吴绍洪) 5
土地利用结构优化与人口承载力估算:以京津冀地区为例 王涛 5
澜沧江流域关键水文要素时空演化规律研究 李斌 5
中国人地关系研究的新进展与展望 方创琳 5
Assessing construction land potential and its spatial pattern in China Xu Yong 5
五道梁高寒草原土壤水分和植被盖度空间异质性的地统计分析 杨兆平 5
Identifying environmental risk factors for human neural tube defects before and af.. Liao Y. L. 5
三江源基于生态系统服务价值的生态补偿研究 赖敏 5
首钢搬迁遗留场地及周边土壤重金属污染评价及淋洗修复研究 朱光旭 5
东北黑土丘陵区流域侵蚀产沙变异及模型模拟 盛美玲 5
Comparison of four EVI-based models for estimating gross primary production of mai.. Dong J. W. 5
Urban boundary extraction and sprawl analysis using Landsat images: A case study i.. Hu S. G. 5
Uncertainties in predicting rice yield by current crop models under a wide range o.. Li T. 5
城市多规合一的综合协调机制与模式研究 张永姣 5
城镇化背景下我国城市型政区调整的演化格局、机理与优化路径 朱建华 5
国家公园社区旅游可持续发展研究—以钱江源国家公园体制试点区为例 周睿 5
中国农村居民收入区域差异及政策影响分析 孙晓一 5
“一带一路”交通运输业格局及对策 董锁成 5
The impact of integrating ICT with teaching: Evidence from a randomized controlled.. Bai Y. 5
A Spatial Conditioned Latin Hypercube Sampling Method for Mapping Using Ancillary .. Gao B. B. 5
Aggravated phosphorus limitation on biomass production under increasing nitrogen l.. Li Y. 5
Response of Symphyotrichum novi-belgii and Dianthus chinensis L. to saline water i.. Li X. B. 5
Interaction between sulfur and lead in toxicity, iron plaque formation and lead ac.. Yang J. X. 5
Greening of the Earth and its drivers Zhu Z. C. 5
基于生态系统服务的生态补偿理论与实证研究-以内蒙古锡林郭勒草原为例 杨光梅 4
作物群体结构与光能利用效率研究 李 鹏 4
时空数据的动态预测模型与空间分析技术研究——以广州SARS 流行 曹志冬 4
有机调理剂对污泥堆肥腐殖酸生成 及其络合固定重金属的影响 熊雄 4
Precipitation variability and extreme events in eastern China during the past 1500.. Jingyun Zheng 4
Effects of cloudiness change on net ecosystem exchange, light use efficiency, and .. Zhang Mi(张弥) 4
Spatial patterns of ecological carrying capacity supply-demand balance in China at.. Liu Dong(刘东) 4
我国马尾松、杉木、湿地松生长方程研究进展 李佳 4
植物稳定同位素研究进展与展望 吴绍洪 4
A statistical spatial downscaling algorithm of TRMM precipitation based on NDVI an.. Jia, SF 4
Design and application of natural audio electric field frequency selecting instrum.. Liao, Xiuying(廖秀英) 4
Validation of the Integrated Biosphere Simulator in simulating the potential natur.. Yuan, Quanzhi(苑全治) 4
The evaluation of TRMM Multisatellite Precipitation Analysis (TMPA) in drought mon.. Zeng Hongwei(曾红伟) 4
不同尺度的降水稳定同位素与气候变量关系研究 柳鉴容 4
Pools and distributions of soil phosphorus in China Zhang C. 4
Losses of soil organic carbon under wind erosion in China Yan H. 4
Evolution of tubewell ownership and production in the North China Plain Wang J. X. 4
Spatial dynamics of an epidemic of severe acute respiratory syndrome in an urban a.. Wang J. F. 4
Evaluation of MOD16 algorithm using MODIS and ground observational data in winter .. Sun Z. G. 4
Phenological responses of plants to climate change in an urban environment Luo Z. K. 4
Attractive Model and Marketing Implications of Theme Shopping Tourism Destination Liu J. M. 4
The impacts of climate change on the Neolithic cultures of Gansu-Qinghai region du.. Liu F. G. 4
Water problems and hydrological research in the Yellow River and the Huai and Hai .. Liu C. M. 4
Growth variation in Abies georgei var. smithii along altitudinal gradients in the .. Liang E. Y. 4
Labor market emergence and returns to education in rural China Li Q. 4
Integration of MODIS LAI and vegetation index products with the CSM-CERES-Maize mo.. Fang H. L. 4
澜沧江流域旅游资源空间分异与发展模式探讨 王灵恩 4
Modeling the radiation balance of different urban underlying surfaces Cui Y. P. 4
Optimal discretization for geographical detectors-based risk assessment Cao Feng 4
北京市公共交通无障碍出行环境研究 赵立志 4
京津唐地区典型土地利用类型变化对区域蒸散发的影响 唐婷 4
面向中文文本的空间信息挖掘研究 袁烨城 4
我国历史文化村镇遗产地旅游发展过程研究——以丽江大研古镇为例 吴月湖 4
Relationships between land use patterns and water quality in the Taizi River basin.. Bu H. M. 4
城镇空间集约利用功能识别与优化调控研究 李广东 4
量化辨识气候变化和人类活动对青藏高原高寒草地的影响 陈宝雄 4
Dynamics of deep soil moisture in response to vegetational restoration on the Loes.. Jia Yu-Hua 4
Phenological response to climate change in China: a meta-analysis Ge, Quansheng 4
Giving kids a head start: The impact and mechanisms of early commitment of financi.. Yi, Hongmei 4
重金属污染土壤分级淋洗修复工艺研究 李尤 4
Rising temperatures reduce global wheat production Asseng S. 4
Integrated index for drought assessment based on variable fuzzy set theory: A case.. Huang S. Z. 4
Global mean estimation using a self-organizing dual-zoning method for preferential.. Pan Y. C. 4
Multivariate Empirical Mode Decomposition Derived Multi-Scale Spatial Relationship.. She D. L. 4
Economic level and human longevity: Spatial and temporal variations and correlatio.. Wang S. B. 4
Intended And Unintended Consequences Of China's Zero Markup Drug Policy Yi H. M. 4
Seasonal variation in chemistry, but not morphology, in roots of Quercus robur gro.. Zadworny M. 4
Ecosystem Service Value Assessment and Contribution Factor Analysis of Land Use Ch.. Zhang P. 4
Effect of urban green space changes on the role of rainwater runoff reduction in B.. Zhang B. 4
Comprehensive analysis of changes to catchment slope properties in the high-sedime.. Zhou X. 4
赣江流域森林生态系统服务权衡研究 王晓莉 4
黄淮海平原主要农作物种植格局时空变化研究 赵庆庆 4
基于SWAT模型的黑土区土地利用变化对流域产流产沙的影响研究 郭敏 4
自然保护地旅游设施生态化评价研究—以古田山国家级自然保护区为例 马向远 4
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Substantial amounts of carbon are sequestered during dry periods in an old-growth .. Yan Junhua 3
A novel soil manganese mechanism drives plant species loss with increased nitrogen.. Tian Q. Y. 3
围垦对鄱阳湖洪水过程的影响研究 李策 2
Experimental study on lag time for a small watershed Zhang S. F. 2
Diversity and Geographical Pattern of Altitudinal Belts in the Hengduan Mountains .. Yao Y. H. 2
The impacts of climate change on the Neolithic cultures of Gansu-Qinghai region du.. Liu F. G. 2
Hydro-climatic trends of the Yellow River basin for the last 50 years Fu G. B. 2
基于遥感和过程模型的亚洲东部陆地生态系统初级生产力分布特征 张方敏 2
植被指数对旱灾的响应研究—以中国西南地区2009年—2010年特大干旱为例 严建武 2
模拟氮沉降增加对寒温带针叶林土壤CO_2排放的初期影响 温都如娜 2
Modeling the radiation balance of different urban underlying surfaces Cui Y. P. 2
森林土壤甲烷吸收的主控因子及其对增氮的响应研究进展 程淑兰 2
中国耕地土壤重金属污染概况 宋伟 2
城乡发展转型中土地利用优化配置研究—以环渤海地区为例 杨忍 2
Spatial and decadal variations in inorganic nitrogen wet deposition in China induc.. Jia, Yanlong(贾彦龙) 2
Impact of estimated solar radiation on gross primary productivity simulation in su.. Li D. Q. 2
丝绸之路经济带中国-哈萨克斯坦国际合作示范区跨境互联互通战略通道建设重点 鲍超 2
Spatiotemporal variations of energy-related CO2 emissions in China and its influen.. Wang S. 2
Effect of temperature and precipitation on nitrate leaching from organic cereal cr.. Jabloun M. 2
海岸带水陆环境遥感分析及评价:以福建省福清市为例 秦建新 1
京津唐、长江三角洲、浙江三角洲地区土地利用变化比较研究 香宝 1
海面SAR成像理论与应用研究 董庆 1
空间抽样模型研究 李连发 1
基于区域水循环的土壤水资源评价理论与方法初步研究 朱奎 1
基于生态系统服务的生态补偿理论与实证研究-以内蒙古锡林郭勒草原为例 杨光梅 1
时空数据的动态预测模型与空间分析技术研究——以广州SARS 流行 曹志冬 1
重金属污染土地的快速监测与修复效率评价——方法与案例研究 武斌 1
Effects of temperature, glucose and inorganic nitrogen inputs on carbon mineraliza.. Song Minghua 1
Modeling All-sky Global Solar Radiation Using MODIS Atmospheric Products: A Case S.. Zhang Hailong 1
NDVI spatial pattern and its differentiation on the Mongolian Plateau ZHANG Xueyan 1
重力模型系数时间变化路径分析:以中国城际铁路旅客交流为例 戴特奇 1
中国区域可持续发展评价指标体系及态势分析 刘玉 1
Grain-for-green policy and its impacts on grain supply in West China Feng, ZM(封志明) 1
Effects of Different Rock Fragment Contents and Sizes on Solute Transport in Soil .. Zhou, B. B. 1
The relationship between NDVI and precipitation on the Tibetan Plateau Ding Mingjun 1
土地利用变化研究的人文地理视角与新命题 樊杰 1
基于城市化的中国能源消费前景分析及对碳排放的相关思考 樊杰 1
我国东部沿海重点地区经济发展与资源环境相互作用关系的比较研究 樊杰 1
中国西部环境和生态科学重大研究计划阶段性进展及深入研究的问题 冷疏影 1
土地利用结构优化与人口承载力估算:以京津冀地区为例 王涛 1
Effects of cloudiness change on net ecosystem exchange, light use efficiency, and .. Zhang Mi(张弥) 1
基于人口集聚度的中国人口集疏格局 刘睿文 1
西辽河流域潜在蒸散量时空格局 张伟科 1
甘肃省农业资源开发优势度分析 郑海霞 1
洛伦兹曲线及其在中国耕地、粮食、人口时空演变格局研究中的应用 张晶 1
西辽河流域1952年~2007年参考作物蒸散量的变化趋势 孙小舟 1
气候变化下西北地区农田水分平衡的模拟与分析 杨艳昭 1
气候变化综合评估工具——以密云水库供水项目为例(英文) 李浩 1
石嘴山市水资源供需形势及其保障对策 李泽红 1
黄土高原贫困地区生态经济系统良性演化的条件和对策——以甘肃定西地区为例 尤飞 1
东海初级生产力遥感反演及其时空演化机制 李国胜 1
中国人地关系研究的新进展与展望 方创琳 1
虚拟水计算方法及应用 牛树海 1
地域系统研究进展与展望 张晶 1
世界能源保障基本形势探讨 蔡国田 1
城乡土地配置与新农村建设学术研讨综述 刘彦随 1
A comparison of harvest index estimation methods of winter wheat based on field me.. Li Heli(李贺丽) 1
Estimation of lead and zinc emissions from mineral exploitation based on character.. Zhang Xiuwu(张秀武) 1
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Marginal revenue of land and total factor productivity in Chinese agriculture: Evi.. Hou Linke(侯麟科) 1
Hydrochemical characteristics and water quality assessment of surface water and gr.. Zhang, B 1
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Advantages and dynamics of urban agglomeration development on Yangtze River Delta Wang Jing(王婧) 1
The extraction of multiple cropping index of China based on NDVI time-series Huang, Haitao(黄海涛) 1
Automatic mapping aquaculture in coastal zone from TM imagery with OBIA approach Zhang, Tao(张涛) 1
The evaluation of TRMM Multisatellite Precipitation Analysis (TMPA) in drought mon.. Zeng Hongwei(曾红伟) 1
中国城市化发展质量的调控机理与提升对策研究 王德利 1
气候变化背景下三江源区径流变化及其驱动力分析 华东 1
Soil texture mapping over low relief areas using land surface feedback dynamic pat.. Liu,Feng(刘峰) 1
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Impacts of precipitation seasonality and ecosystem types on evapotranspiration in .. Yuan W. P. 1
Moisture conditions and climate trends in China during the period 1971-2000 Wu S. H. 1
Multivariate analysis of elements in Chinese brake fern as determined using neutro.. Wei C. Y. 1
Effects of soil type on leaching and runoff transport of rare earth elements and p.. Wang L. Q. 1
Climate-crop yield relationships at provincial scales in China and the impacts of .. Tao F. L. 1
Carbon balance of a primary tropical seasonal rain forest Tan Z. H. 1
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Water and sediment chemistry of Lake Pumayum Co, South Tibet, China: implications .. Ju J. T. 1
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Effectiveness of ecological restoration projects in Horqin Sandy Land, China based.. Zhang,geli(张戈丽) 1
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近30年中国玉米气候生产潜力时空变化特征 钟新科 1
基于气候适宜度评价的湖南春玉米优播期分析 钟新科 1
年际尺度上土地覆盖类型时空分异及其对气候和地形的响应 任正超 1
乡村转型发展特征评价及地域类型划分——以“苏南-陕北”样带为例 龙花楼 1
基于生态足迹的中国生态承载力供需平衡分析 刘东 1
Modeling biophysical controls on canopy foliage water 18O enrichment in wheat and .. Xiao W. 1