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Precipitation and Nitrogen Deposition Alter Litter Decomposition Dynamics in Semiarid Temperate Steppe in Inner Mongolia, China 期刊论文
RANGELAND ECOLOGY & MANAGEMENT, 2018, 卷号: 71, 期号: 2, 页码: 220-227
Authors:  Yan, Zhongqing;  Qi, Yuchun;  Dong, Yunshe;  Peng, Qin;  Guo, Shufang;  He, Yunlong;  Li, Zhaolin
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atmospheric nitrogen deposition  increased precipitation  litter decomposition  semiarid temperate grassland  
Effects of soil nutrients and climate factors on belowground biomass in an alpine meadow in the source region of the Yangtze-Yellow rivers, Tibetan Plateau of China SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Wang H. M.;  Sun, J.;  Li, W. P.;  Wu, J. B.;  Chen, Y. J.;  Liu, W. H.
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belowground biomass  soil organic carbon  soil nitrogen and phosphorus  climate factor  alpine meadow  Tibetan Plateau  organic-carbon  increased precipitation  grassland degradation  elevated-temperature  nitrogen  ecosystem  impact  pools  decomposition  dynamics  
Response of Soil C and N, Dissolved Organic C and N, and Inorganic N to Short-Term Experimental Warming in an Alpine Meadow on the Tibetan Plateau SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Yu C. Q.;  Shen Z. X.;  Zhang X. Z.;  Sun W.;  Fu G.
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Plant-growth  Increased Precipitation  Semiarid Grassland  Microbial  Biomass  Nitrogen Pools  Climate-change  Forest Soils  Carbon  Respiration  Metaanalysis