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Vegetation Response to Holocene Climate Change in the Qinling Mountains in the Temperate-Subtropical Transition Zone of Central-East China 期刊论文
Authors:  Zhang, Yao;  Cui, Qiaoyu;  Huang, Youliang;  Wu, Duo;  Zhou, Aifeng
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pollen  palynological diversity  biomes  climate  Qinling Mountain range  
Holocene vegetation changes in the transition zone between subtropical and temperate ecosystems in Eastern Central China 期刊论文
QUATERNARY SCIENCE REVIEWS, 2021, 卷号: 253, 页码: 18
Authors:  Zhang, Yao;  Marquer, Laurent;  Cui, Qiaoyu;  Zheng, Zhuo;  Zhao, Yan;  Wan, Qiuchi;  Zhou, Aifeng
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REVEALS  Pollen records  Land cover  Subtropical vegetation  Temperate vegetation  Qinling Mountain Range  
Westerlies Asia and monsoonal Asia: Spatiotemporal differences in climate change and possible mechanisms on decadal to sub-orbital timescales 期刊论文
EARTH-SCIENCE REVIEWS, 2019, 卷号: 192, 页码: 337-354
Authors:  Chen, Fahu;  Chen, Jianhui;  Huang, Wei;  Chen, Shengqian;  Huang, Xiaozhong;  Jin, Liya;  Jia, Jia;  Zhang, Xiaojian;  An, Chengbang;  Zhang, Jiawu;  Zhao, Yan;  Yu, Zicheng;  Zhang, Renhe;  Liu, Jianbao;  Zhou, Aifeng;  Feng, Song
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Holocene  Westerlies Asia and Monsoonal Asia  Westerlies-dominated climatic regime (WDCR)  Core area of WDCR  Silk Road pattern (SRP)  
基于孢粉的古气候参数定量重建一种新思路及其在中国的应用实例 期刊论文
中国科学地球科学, 2018, 卷号: 048, 期号: 001, 页码: 42
Authors:  陈建徽;  吕飞亚;  黄小忠;  Birks H J B;  Telford R J;  张生瑞;  许清海;  赵艳;  王海鹏;  周爱锋;  黄伟;  刘建宝;  魏国英
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A novel procedure for pollen-based quantitative paleoclimate reconstructions and its application in China 期刊论文
SCIENCE CHINA-EARTH SCIENCES, 2017, 卷号: 60, 期号: 11, 页码: 2059-2066
Authors:  Chen JianHui;  Lv FeiYa;  Huang XiaoZhong;  Birks, H. John B.;  Telford, Richard J.;  Zhang ShengRui;  Xu QingHai;  Zhao Yan;  Wang HaiPeng;  Zhou AiFeng;  Huang Wei;  Liu JianBao;  Wei GuoYing
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Pollen  Quantitative reconstructions  Statistical significance  Marginal areas of the Asian summer monsoon  
Hydroclimatic changes over the past 900 years documented by the sediments of Tiewaike Lake, Altai Mountains, Northwestern China 期刊论文
QUATERNARY INTERNATIONAL, 2017, 卷号: 452, 页码: 91-101
Authors:  Li, Yuan;  Qiang, Mingrui;  Zhang, Jiawu;  Huang, Xiaozhong;  Zhou, Aifeng;  Chen, Jianhui;  Wang, Ganggang;  Zhao, Yan
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Multi-proxy analysis  Hydroclimatic change  Little Ice Age  North Atlantic Oscillation  Solar irradiance  Altai Mountains  
investigatingnaturaldriversofvegetationcoveragevariationusingmodisimageryinqinghaichina 期刊论文
journalofaridland, 2016, 卷号: 8, 期号: 1, 页码: 109
Authors:  Zhou Lei;  Lyu Aifeng
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青海省土地荒漠化遥感动态监测 中文期刊论文
Authors:  吕爱锋;  周磊;  朱文彬
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青海  荒漠化  遥感  动态变化  
An exploratory analysis of spectral indices to estimate vegetation water content using sensitivity function EI期刊论文
Authors:  Wu Jianjun;  Zhang Jie;  Lu Aifeng;  Zhou Lei
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Water Content  Deforestation  Fuels  Function Evaluation  Mean Square Error  Moisture Control  Moisture Determination  Optical Properties  Optical Waveguides  Vegetation  
华北不同地表覆盖类型区干旱演变特征 中文期刊论文
Authors:  周磊;  武建军;  吕爱峰;  张洁;  赵林
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干旱  Spi  演变趋势  滑动平均  滑动标准差