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Shrinkage of East Asia Winter Monsoon Associated With Increased ENSO Events Since the Mid-Holocene 期刊论文
JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH-ATMOSPHERES, 2019, 卷号: 124, 期号: 7, 页码: 3839-3848
Authors:  Wu, J.;  Liu, Q.;  Cui, Q. Y.;  Xu, D. K.;  Wang, L.;  Shen, C. M.;  Chu, G. Q.;  Liu, J. Q.
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Spatiotemporal patterns and risk factors concerning hepatitis B virus infections in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei area of China 期刊论文
EPIDEMIOLOGY AND INFECTION, 2019, 卷号: 147, 页码: 8
Authors:  Xu, C. D.;  Xiao, G. X.;  Li, J. M.;  Cao, H. X.
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Hepatitis B virus infections  risk factors  spatiotemporal patterns  
Spatiotemporal risk mapping of hand, foot and mouth disease and its association with meteorological variables in children under 5 years 期刊论文
EPIDEMIOLOGY AND INFECTION, 2017, 卷号: 145, 期号: 14, 页码: 2912-2920
Authors:  Xu, C. D.;  Xiao, G. X.
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Foot and mouth disease  hand  meteorological factors  risk mapping  
Data Descriptor: A global multiproxy database for temperature reconstructions of the Common Era 期刊论文
SCIENTIFIC DATA, 2017, 卷号: 4, 页码: 33
Authors:  Emile-Geay, Julien;  McKay, Nicholas P.;  Kaufman, Darrell S.;  von Gunten, Lucien;  Wang, Jianghao;  Anchukaitis, Kevin J.;  Abram, Nerilie J.;  Addison, Jason A.;  Curran, Mark A. J.;  Evans, Michael N.;  Henley, Benjamin J.;  Hao, Zhixin;  Martrat, Belen;  McGregor, Helen V.;  Neukom, Raphael;  Pederson, Gregory T.;  Stenni, Barbara;  Thirumalai, Kaustubh;  Werner, Johannes P.;  Xu, Chenxi;  Divine, Dmitry V.;  Dixon, Bronwyn C.;  Gergis, Joelle;  Mundo, Ignacio A.;  Nakatsuka, Takeshi;  Phipps, Steven J.;  Routson, Cody C.;  Steig, Eric J.;  Tierney, Jessica E.;  Tyler, Jonathan J.;  Allen, Kathryn J.;  Bertler, Nancy A. N.;  Bjorklund, Jesper;  Chase, Brian M.;  Chen, Min-Te;  Cook, Ed;  de Jong, Rixt;  DeLong, Kristine L.;  Dixon, Daniel A.;  Ekaykin, Alexey A.;  Ersek, Vasile;  Filipsson, Helena L.;  Francus, Pierre;  Freund, Mandy B.;  Frezzotti, Massimo;  Gaire, Narayan P.;  Gajewski, Konrad;  Ge, Quansheng;  Goosse, Hugues;  Gornostaeva, Anastasia;  Grosjean, Martin;  Horiuchi, Kazuho;  Hormes, Anne;  Husum, Katrine;  Isaksson, Elisabeth;  Kandasamy, Selvaraj;  Kawamura, Kenji;  Kilbourne, K. Halimeda;  Koc, Nalan;  Leduc, Guillaume;  Linderholm, Hans W.;  Lorrey, Andrew M.;  Mikhalenko, Vladimir;  Mortyn, P. Graham;  Motoyama, Hideaki;  Moy, Andrew D.;  Mulvaney, Robert;  Munz, Philipp M.;  Nash, David J.;  Oerter, Hans;  Opel, Thomas;  Orsi, Anais J.;  Ovchinnikov, Dmitriy V.;  Porter, Trevor J.;  Roop, Heidi A.;  Saenger, Casey;  Sano, Masaki;  Sauchyn, David;  Saunders, Krystyna M.;  Seidenkrantz, Marit-Solveig;  Severi, Mirko;  Shao, Xuemei;  Sicre, Marie-Alexandrine;  Sigl, Michael;  Sinclair, Kate;  St George, Scott;  St Jacques, Jeannine-Marie;  Thamban, Meloth;  Thapa, Udya Kuwar;  Thomas, Elizabeth R.;  Turney, Chris;  Uemura, Ryu;  Viau, Andre E.;  Vladimirova, Diana O.;  Wahl, Eugene R.;  White, James W. C.;  Yu, Zicheng;  Zinke, Jens
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Spatial distribution and temporal variability of stable water isotopes in a large and shallow lake SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Xiao W.;  Wen, X. F.;  Wang, W.;  Xiao, Q. T.;  Xu, J. Z.;  Cao, C.;  Xu, J. P.;  Hu, C.;  Shen, J.;  Liu, S. D.;  Lee, X. H.
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Evaporation  hydrogen-2  isotope hydrology  lake water  oxygen-18  residence time  spatial distribution  seasonal variability  Taihu lake  river water  canada  evaporation  balance  surface  taihu  china  precipitation  groundwater  hydrology  
Earliest tea as evidence for one branch of the Silk Road across the Tibetan Plateau SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Lu H. Y.;  Zhang, J. P.;  Yang, Y. M.;  Yang, X. Y.;  Xu, B. Q.;  Yang, W. Z.;  Tong, T.;  Jin, S. B.;  Shen, C. M.;  Rao, H. Y.;  Li, X. G.;  Lu, H. L.;  Fuller, D. Q.;  Wang, L.;  Wang, C.;  Xu, D. K.;  Wu, N. Q.
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camellia  chemistry  caffeine  china  
Spatially non-stationary relationships between urban residential land price and impact factors in Wuhan city, China SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Hu S. G.;  Yang, S. F.;  Li, W. D.;  Zhang, C. R.;  Xu, F.
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Residential land price  Impact factors  Non-stationary  Geographically  weighted regression  Wuhan  China  geographically weighted regression  non-stationarity  water-quality  patterns  values  amenities  proximity  chicago  space  model  
Coordinated pattern of multi-element variability in leaves and roots across Chinese forest biomes SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Zhao N.;  Yu, G. R.;  He, N. P.;  Wang, Q. F.;  Guo, D. L.;  Zhang, X. Y.;  Wang, R. L.;  Xu, Z. W.;  Jiao, C. C.;  Li, N. N.;  Jia, Y. L.
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Conservatism  element variability  environmental regulation  fine root  macronutrient  stoichiometry  taxonomy  phosphorus stoichiometry  leaf nitrogen  fresh-water  fine roots  nutrient concentrations  phylogenetic variation  grassland biomes  plants  terrestrial  traits  
Using multi-angle hyperspectral data to monitor canopy leaf nitrogen content of wheat SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Song X.;  Xu, D. Y.;  He, L.;  Feng, W.;  Wang, Y. H.;  Wang, Z. J.;  Coburn, C. A.;  Guo, T. C.
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Multi-angle reflectance  Hyperspectral  Leaf nitrogen content  Wheat  Model  remote-sensing data  spectral reflectance  vegetation indexes  model  rice  crop  
Spatial association between dissection density and environmental factors over the entire conterminous United States SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Luo W.;  Jasiewicz, J.;  Stepinski, T.;  Wang, J. F.;  Xu, C. D.;  Cang, X. Z.
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drainage density  climate-change  channel initiation  risk-assessment  morphology  evolution  erosion  systems  china  model