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Circulation dynamics and its influence on European and Mediterranean January-April climate over the past half millennium: results and insights from instrumental data, documentary evidence and coupled climate models SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Luterbacher J.;  Koenig S. J.;  Franke J.;  Van Der Schrier G.;  Zorita E.;  Moberg A.;  Jacobeit J.;  Della-Marta P. M.;  Kuttel M.;  Xoplaki E.;  Wheeler D.;  Rutishauser T.;  Stossel M.;  Wanner H.;  Brazdil R.;  Dobrovolny P.;  Camuffo D.;  Bertolin C.;  Van Engelen A.;  Gonzalez-Rouco F. J.;  Wilson R.;  Pfister C.;  Limanowka D.;  Nordli O.;  Leijonhufvud L.;  Soderberg J.;  Allan R.;  Barriendos M.;  Glaser R.;  Riemann D.;  Hao Z.;  Zerefos C. S.
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Scale Atmospheric Circulation  North-atlantic Oscillation  Historical  Climatology  Winter Temperatures  Pressure Patterns  Air-temperature  Average Winter  Western-europe  Variability  Summer