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Red mud (RM)-Induced enhancement of iron plaque formation reduces arsenic and metal accumulation in two wetland plant species SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Yang J. X.;  Guo, Q. J.;  Yang, J.;  Zhou, X. Y.;  Ren, H. Y.;  Zhang, H. Z.;  Xu, R. X.;  Wang, X. D.;  Peters, M.;  Zhu, G. X.;  Wei, R. F.;  Tian, L. Y.;  Han, X. K.
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arsenic  heavy metals  iron plaque  red mud  wetland plant  radial oxygen loss  oryza-sativa l.  cadmium accumulation  contaminated  soil  root porosity  heavy-metals  zinc uptake  rice  tolerance  pb  
How Red Mud-Induced Enhancement of Iron Plaque Formation Reduces Cadmium Accumulation in Rice with Different Radial Oxygen Loss SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Liu Z. Y.;  Yang, J. X.;  Wan, X. M.;  Peng, Y. S.;  Liu, J.;  Wang, X. D.;  Zeng, M.
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cadmium pollution  paddy soil  remediation  red mud  rice  oryza-sativa l.  wetland plants  zinc uptake  roots  soil  rhizosphere  tolerance  metals  pb  cd  
Interaction between sulfur and lead in toxicity, iron plaque formation and lead accumulation in rice plant SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Yang J. X.;  Liu, Z. Y.;  Wan, X. M.;  Zheng, G. D.;  Yang, J.;  Zhang, H. Z.;  Guo, L.;  Wang, X. D.;  Zhou, X. Y.;  Guo, Q. J.;  Xu, R. X.;  Zhou, G. D.;  Peters, M.;  Zhu, G. X.;  Wei, R. F.;  Tian, L. Y.;  Han, X. K.
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Glutathione  Iron plaque  Lead  Rice (Oryza saliva L.)  Sulfur  radial oxygen loss  reduces arsenic accumulation  oryza-sativa l.  wetland plants  typha-latifolia  zinc uptake  roots  pb  tolerance  soils  
Water consumption and water-saving characteristics of a ground cover rice production system SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Jin X. X.;  Zuo, Q.;  Ma, W. W.;  Li, S.;  Shi, J. C.;  Tao, Y. Y.;  Zhang, Y. A.;  Liu, Y.;  Liu, X. F.;  Lin, S.;  Ben-Gal, A.
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Water consumption  Water use efficiency  Water balance  Transpiration  Deep drainage  Oryza sativa  flooded mulching cultivation  north china plain  use efficiency  lowland  rice  less water  hydraulic conductivity  evaporative fraction  nitrogen  recovery  soil properties  crop production  
Uncertainties in predicting rice yield by current crop models under a wide range of climatic conditions SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Li T.;  Hasegawa, T.;  Yin, X. Y.;  Zhu, Y.;  Boote, K.;  Adam, M.;  Bregaglio, S.;  Buis, S.;  Confalonieri, R.;  Fumoto, T.;  Gaydon, D.;  Marcaida, M.;  Nakagawa, H.;  Oriol, P.;  Ruane, A. C.;  Ruget, F.;  Singh, B.;  Singh, U.;  Tang, L.;  Tao, F. L.;  Wilkens, P.;  Yoshida, H.;  Zhang, Z.;  Bouman, B.
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Agmip  Climate Change  Crop-model Ensembles  Oryza Sativa  Yield  Prediction Uncertainty  Air Co2 Enrichment  High-temperature Stress  Elevated Co2  Spikelet  Fertility  Night Temperature  Carbon-dioxide  Growth  Sterility  Face  Productivity  
Effects of nitrogen input and climate trends on provincial rice yields in China between 1961 and 2003: quantitative evaluation using a crop model SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Sawano S.;  Hasegawa, T.;  Ishigooka, Y.;  Kuwagata, T.;  Shindo, J.;  Tao, F. L.
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Crop Model  Global Environmental Change  n Fertilizer  Oryza Sativa L.  Provincial Yield  Air Co2 Enrichment  Dry-matter Production  Water-use Efficiency  Elevated Co2  Northeast Thailand  Paddy Fields  Lowland Rice  Growth  Responses  Temperature  
Root porosity, radial oxygen loss and iron plaque on roots of wetland plants in relation to zinc tolerance and accumulation SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Yang J. X.;  Tam N. F. Y.;  Ye Z. H.
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Aerenchyma  Heavy Metal  Iron Plaque  Radial Oxygen Loss (Rol)  Wetland  Plant  Rhizosphere  Oryza-sativa L.  Trin Ex Steudel  Constructed Wetlands  Rhizosphere  Soils  Cadmium Tolerance  Arsenic Tolerance  Typha-latifolia  Rice  Lead  Metal  
The uptake and detoxification of antimony by plants: A review SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Feng R. W.;  Wei C. Y.;  Tu S. X.;  Ding Y. Z.;  Wang R. G.;  Guo J. K.
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Antimony  Speciation Transformation  Toxicity  Plants  Absorption  Chinese Brake Fern  Oryza-sativa L.  Pteris-vittata  Paddy-rice  Arsenic  Hyperaccumulator  Nutrient Solution  Silene-vulgaris  Different Forms  Mining Area  Iron Plaque  
Designing Cropping Systems for Metal-Contaminated Sites: A Review SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Tang Y. T.;  Deng T. H. B.;  Wu Q. H.;  Wang S. Z.;  Qiu R. L.;  Wei Z. B.;  Guo X. F.;  Wu Q. T.;  Lei M.;  Chen T. B.;  Echevarria G.;  Sterckeman T.;  Simonnot M. O.;  Morel J. L.
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Agronomic Practices  Food Safety  Hyperaccumulator  Phytoremediation  Trace Element  Pteris-vittata L.  Rice Oryza-sativa  Arsenic-hyperaccumulating Plant  Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi  Long-term Application  Jatropha-curcas L.  Chinese Brake Fern  Cadmium Accumulation  Heavy-metals  Thlaspi-caerulescens  
Root-Induced Changes of pH, Eh, Fe(II) and Fractions of Pb and Zn in Rhizosphere Soils of Four Wetland Plants with Different Radial Oxygen Losses SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Yang J. X.;  Liu Y.;  Ye Z. H.
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Heavy Metal  Iron Oxidation  Mobility Factor  Plaque  Rhizobox  Induced Iron Oxidation  Trin Ex Steudel  Oryza-sativa L.  Typha-latifolia  Phragmites-australis  Lowland Rice  Waterlogged Soils  Cadmium Tolerance  Heavy-metals  Zinc Uptake