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Biodiversity management of organic orchard enhances both ecological and economic profitability SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Meng J.;  Li, L. J.;  Liu, H. T.;  Li, Y.;  Li, C. H.;  Wu, G. L.;  Yu, X. F.;  Guo, L. Y.;  Cheng, D.;  Muminov, M. A.;  Liang, X. T.;  Jiang, G. M.
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Agroecology  Organic apple orchard  Biodiversity management  Soil  bacterial diversity  16S rDNA  Weed control  Pest control  Earthworms  Eco-economic benefits  apple production systems  soil microbial biomass  community structure  diversity  agriculture  earthworms  sustainability  fumigation  extraction  pesticides  
Effects of cattle manure compost combined with chemical fertilizer on topsoil organic matter, bulk density and earthworm activity in a wheat-maize rotation system in Eastern China SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Guo L. Y.;  Wu, G. L.;  Li, Y.;  Li, C. H.;  Liu, W. J.;  Meng, J.;  Liu, H. T.;  Yu, X. F.;  Jiang, G. M.
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Cattle manure compost  Chemical fertilizer  Soil organic matter  Soil  bulk density  Soil water content  Earthworm activity  soil physical-properties  long-term application  cropping system  carbon  pools  nitrogenous fertilizers  management impacts  northeast china  tillage  quality  fractions  
Biodiversity management of organic farming enhances agricultural sustainability SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Liu H. T.;  Meng, J.;  Bo, W. J.;  Cheng, D.;  Li, Y.;  Guo, L. Y.;  Li, C. H.;  Zheng, Y. H.;  Liu, M. Z.;  Ning, T. Y.;  Wu, G. L.;  Yu, X. F.;  Feng, S. F.;  Tana, W. Y.;  Li, J.;  Li, L. J.;  Zeng, Y.;  Liu, S. V.;  Jiang, G. M.
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food security  intensification  herbicide  biosolids  systems  people  carbon  weeds  risk  
Uncertainty analysis of terrestrial net primary productivity and net biome productivity in China during 1901-2005 SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Shao J.;  Zhou, X. H.;  Luo, Y. Q.;  Zhang, G. D.;  Yan, W.;  Li, J. X.;  Li, B.;  Dan, L.;  Fisher, J. B.;  Gao, Z. Q.;  He, Y.;  Huntzinger, D.;  Jain, A. K.;  Mao, J. F.;  Meng, J. H.;  Michalak, A. M.;  Parazoo, N. C.;  Peng, C. H.;  Poulter, B.;  Schwalm, C. R.;  Shi, X. Y.;  Sun, R.;  Tao, F. L.;  Tian, H. Q.;  Wei, Y. X.;  Zeng, N.;  Zhu, Q.;  Zhu, W. Q.
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China  interannual variability  model structure  net primary  productivity  net biome productivity  uncertainty  model intercomparison project  program multiscale synthesis  carbon-dioxide  interannual variability  ecosystem exchange  land-use  nitrogen deposition  global change  soil respiration  biosphere models  
Automatic Identification of Oceanic Multieddy Structures From Satellite Altimeter Datasets SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Yi J. W.;  Du, Y. Y.;  Zhou, C. H.;  Liang, F. Y.;  Yuan, M.
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Altimeter  Eddy-eddy Interaction  Identification Algorithm  Multieddy  Structure  Anticyclonic Eddies  Mesoscale Eddies  Vortex Merger  Vortices  Dynamics  Dispersion  Maps  Sea  R2  
The Effects of Socioeconomic and Environmental Factors on the Incidence of Dengue Fever in the Pearl River Delta, China, 2013 SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Qi X. P.;  Wang, Y.;  Li, Y.;  Meng, Y. J.;  Chen, Q. Q.;  Ma, J. Q.;  Gao, G. F.
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generalized additive-models  guangdong province  meteorological factors  costa-rica  urbanization  transmission  mortality  disease  risk  
Ambient air quality and the effects of air pollutants on otolaryngology in Beijing SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Zhang F. Y.;  Xu, J.;  Zhang, Z. Y.;  Meng, H. Y.;  Wang, L.;  Lu, J. M.;  Wang, W. Y.;  Krafft, T.
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Air Pollutant  Temporal Pattern  Pollutant Concentration  Health Effect  Beijing  Daily Outpatient Visits  Allergic Rhinitis  Time-series  Particulate  Matter  Ear Infections  Health Impact  Pollution  Mortality  China  Life  
Post-earthquake Rainfall-triggered Slope Stability Analysis in the Lushan Area SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Yang Z. H.;  Lan, H. X.;  Liu, H. J.;  Li, L. P.;  Wu, Y. M.;  Meng, Y. S.;  Xu, L.
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Lushan Earthquake  Rainfall  Slope Stability  Sinmap  Dem  Chi-chi-earthquake  Debris Flow  Shallow Landslides  Central Taiwan  Model  Infiltration  Prediction  Threshold  Gis  
Cross-sectional survey on public health informatics workforce in China: issues, developments and the future SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Qi X.;  Wang, Y.;  Xia, L.;  Meng, Y.;  Li, Y.;  Yu, S.;  Su, X.;  Jin, S.;  Ge, H.;  Zhang, Y.;  Zhuang, D.;  Ma, J.
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Public health  Informatics  Workforce  technology  
Evaluating the bioenergy potential of cassava on marginal land using a biogeochemical process model in GuangXi, China SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Jiang D.;  Hao, M. M.;  Fu, J. Y.;  Huang, Y. H.;  Liu, K.
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Bioenergy Potential  Biogeochemical Process Model  Cassava  Marginal  Land  Republic-of-china  Energy  Resolution  Ethanol  Scale