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Biodiversity management of organic orchard enhances both ecological and economic profitability SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Meng J.;  Li, L. J.;  Liu, H. T.;  Li, Y.;  Li, C. H.;  Wu, G. L.;  Yu, X. F.;  Guo, L. Y.;  Cheng, D.;  Muminov, M. A.;  Liang, X. T.;  Jiang, G. M.
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Agroecology  Organic apple orchard  Biodiversity management  Soil  bacterial diversity  16S rDNA  Weed control  Pest control  Earthworms  Eco-economic benefits  apple production systems  soil microbial biomass  community structure  diversity  agriculture  earthworms  sustainability  fumigation  extraction  pesticides  
Assessment of the Influences of Different Potential Evapotranspiration Inputs on the Performance of Monthly Hydrological Models under Different Climatic Conditions SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Bai P.;  Liu, X. M.;  Yang, T. T.;  Li, F. D.;  Liang, K.;  Hu, S. S.;  Liu, C. M.
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Rainfall-runoff Model  Water-balance Models  genetic algorithm  automatic calibration  united-states  part 1  china  evaporation  drought  impact  
Bioaccessibility of heavy metals in soils cannot be predicted by a single model in two adjacent areas SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Zhu X. D.;  Yang, F.;  Wei, C. Y.;  Liang, T.
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SBET  Soil properties  Predictive model  Heavy metal  Bioaccessibility  smelting activities  contaminated soils  risk-assessment  urban soils  bioavailability  elements  china  pb  urbanization  availability  
The diffusion fluxes and sediment activity of phosphorus in the sediment-water interface of Poyang Lake SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Yang Z. P.;  Liang, T.;  Li, K. X.;  Zhang, Q.;  Wang, L. Q.
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Phosphorous  high-resolution pore water diffusion balance technology  (HR-Peeper)  Zr-oxide diffusive gradients in thin films (Zr-oxide DGT)  pore water  sediment  lake  in-situ  nutrient fluxes  thin-films  p release  speciation  australia  nitrogen  carbon  china  bay  
Risk assessment of atmospheric heavy metals exposure in Baotou, a typical industrial city in northern China SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Li K. X.;  Liang, T.;  Wang, L. Q.
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PM10  PM2.5  Heavy metals  Health risk  Baotou  mining activities  environmental-impact  air-pollution  pm2.5  spain  pm10  fine  
Levels of rare earth elements, heavy metals and uranium in a population living in Baiyun Obo, Inner Mongolia, China: A pilot study SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Hao Z.;  Li, Y. H.;  Li, H. R.;  Wei, B. G.;  Liao, X. Y.;  Liang, T.;  Yu, J. P.
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Rare Earth Elements  Heavy Metals  Uranium  Morning Urine  Inter-individual Variation  Mining Area  Dietary-intake  Urine  Cadmium  Blood  Adolescents  Exposure  Children  Adults  Iron  
Quantifying atmospheric nitrogen deposition through a nationwide monitoring network across China SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Xu W.;  Luo, X. S.;  Pan, Y. P.;  Zhang, L.;  Tang, A. H.;  Shen, J. L.;  Zhang, Y.;  Li, K. H.;  Wu, Q. H.;  Yang, D. W.;  Zhang, Y. Y.;  Xue, J.;  Li, W. Q.;  Li, Q. Q.;  Tang, L.;  Lu, S. H.;  Liang, T.;  Tong, Y. A.;  Liu, P.;  Zhang, Q.;  Xiong, Z. Q.;  Shi, X. J.;  Wu, L. H.;  Shi, W. Q.;  Tian, K.;  Zhong, X. H.;  Shi, K.;  Tang, Q. Y.;  Zhang, L. J.;  Huang, J. L.;  He, C. E.;  Kuang, F. H.;  Zhu, B.;  Liu, H.;  Jin, X.;  Xin, Y. J.;  Shi, X. K.;  Du, E. Z.;  Dore, A. J.;  Tang, S.;  Collett, J. L.;  Goulding, K.;  Sun, Y. X.;  Ren, J.;  Zhang, F. S.;  Liu, X. J.
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dry deposition  wet deposition  air-pollution  united-states  reactive  nitrogen  beijing olympics  north china  chemistry  ammonia  models  
Contamination and health risk assessment of heavy metals in road dust in Bayan Obo Mining Region in Inner Mongolia, North China SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Li K. X.;  Liang, T.;  Wang, L. Q.;  Yang, Z. P.
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road dust  heavy metal elements  contamination assessment  health risk  assessment  Bayan Obo Mining Region  potentially toxic metals  street dust  nw china  pollution  soils  river  shanghai  baotou  city  
No-tillage and fertilization management on crop yields and nitrate leaching in North China Plain SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Huang M. X.;  Liang, T.;  Wang, L. Q.;  Zhou, C. H.
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Conventional Tillage  Crop Yield  Manure  No-tillage  Straw  Yield-scaled Nitrate-nitrogen Leaching Loss  Long-term Tillage  Zero-tension Pan  Winter-wheat  Collection  Efficiency  Conservation Tillage  Nitrogen-fertilizer  Residue  Management  Organic-matter  Loess Plateau  Water Storage  
Investigation of the probability of concurrent drought events between the water source and destination regions of China's water diversion project SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Liu X. M.;  Luo, Y. Z.;  Yang, T. T.;  Liang, K.;  Zhang, M. H.;  Liu, C. M.
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concurrent drought events  water diversion project  climate-change  precipitation  risk  california  depletion  impact  river