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Cross-scale intercomparison of climate change impacts simulated by regional and global hydrological models in eleven large river basins 期刊论文
CLIMATIC CHANGE, 2017, 卷号: 141, 期号: 3, 页码: 561-576
Authors:  Hattermann, F. F.;  Krysanova, V.;  Gosling, S. N.;  Dankers, R.;  Daggupati, P.;  Donnelly, C.;  Floerke, M.;  Huang, S.;  Motovilov, Y.;  Buda, S.;  Yang, T.;  Mueller, C.;  Leng, G.;  Tang, Q.;  Portmann, F. T.;  Hagemann, S.;  Gerten, D.;  Wada, Y.;  Masaki, Y.;  Alemayehu, T.;  Satoh, Y.;  Samaniego, L.
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A combined GLAS and MODIS estimation of the global distribution of mean forest canopy height SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Wang Y. Y.;  Li, G. C.;  Ding, J. H.;  Guo, Z. D.;  Tang, S. H.;  Wang, C.;  Huang, Q. N.;  Liu, R. G.;  Chen, J. M.
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Mean forest canopy height  Geoscience Laser Altimeter System  Anisotropic factor  Balanced random forest  Wavelet method  variable importance measures  resource limitations model  icesat laser  altimetry  vegetation indexes  vertical structure  multisensor lidar  elevation data  new-hampshire  tree cover  biomass  
Greening of the Earth and its drivers SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Zhu Z. C.;  Piao, S. L.;  Myneni, R. B.;  Huang, M. T.;  Zeng, Z. Z.;  Canadell, J. G.;  Ciais, P.;  Sitch, S.;  Friedlingstein, P.;  Arneth, A.;  Cao, C. X.;  Cheng, L.;  Kato, E.;  Koven, C.;  Li, Y.;  Lian, X.;  Liu, Y. W.;  Liu, R. G.;  Mao, J. F.;  Pan, Y. Z.;  Peng, S. S.;  Penuelas, J.;  Poulter, B.;  Pugh, T. A. M.;  Stocker, B. D.;  Viovy, N.;  Wang, X. H.;  Wang, Y. P.;  Xiao, Z. Q.;  Yang, H.;  Zaehle, S.;  Zeng, N.
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terrestrial carbon-cycle  photosynthetic capacity  nitrogen deposition  forests  co2  deforestation  productivity  temperature  models  trends  
Spatio-temporal analysis of malaria vectors in national malaria surveillance sites in China SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Huang J. X.;  Xia, Z. G.;  Zhou, S. S.;  Pu, X. J.;  Hu, M. G.;  Huang, D. C.;  Ren, Z. P.;  Zhang, S. S.;  Yang, M. N.;  Wang, D. Q.;  Wang, J. F.
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Malaria Vectors  Spatio-temporal Distribution  Cluster  Surveillance  Sites  Empirical Mode Decomposition  Anopheles-sinensis  
Detection and attribution of vegetation greening trend in China over the last 30 years SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Piao S. L.;  Yin, G. D.;  Tan, J. G.;  Cheng, L.;  Huang, M. T.;  Li, Y.;  Liu, R. G.;  Mao, J. F.;  Myneni, R. B.;  Peng, S. S.;  Poulter, B.;  Shi, X. Y.;  Xiao, Z. Q.;  Zeng, N.;  Zeng, Z. Z.;  Wang, Y. P.
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Afforestation  Attribution  China  Co2 Fertilization Effect  Detection  Greening Trend  Nitrogen Deposition  Leaf-area Index  Terrestrial Carbon-cycle  Net Primary Production  Climate-change  Nitrogen Deposition  Plant Geography  Forest  Temperature  Co2  Ecosystems  
Rapid plant species loss at high rates and at low frequency of N addition in temperate steppe SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Zhang Y. H.;  Lu X. T.;  Isbell F.;  Stevens C.;  Han X.;  He N. P.;  Zhang G. M.;  Yu Q.;  Huang J. H.;  Han X. G.
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Acidification  Ammonium Toxicity  Biodiversity  Inner Mongolia  n  Addition Frequency  Peak Effect  Pulse Effect  Temperate Grassland  Inner-mongolia Grasslands  Nitrogen Deposition  Terrestrial Ecosystems  Nutrient Enrichment  Biodiversity Loss  Phosphorus  Inputs  Soil  Eutrophication  Diversity  
Increase in ammonia volatilization from soil in response to N deposition in Inner Mongolia grasslands SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Zhang Y. H.;  Han X.;  He N. P.;  Long M.;  Huang J. H.;  Zhang G. M.;  Wang Q. B.;  Han X. G.
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Nh3  Fertilization  Grassland  n Addition Regime  n Cycle  n Deposition  Enhanced Nitrogen Deposition  Surface Applications  Calcareous Soils  Agricultural Soils  Wet Deposition  Water Content  Winter-wheat  Urea  China  Emission  
An Automated Method for Extracting Rivers and Lakes from Landsat Imagery SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Jiang H.;  Feng M.;  Zhu Y. Q.;  Lu N.;  Huang J. X.;  Xiao T.
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Feature Extraction  Lake  Mixed Pixels  Remote Sensing  River  Water  Index  Difference Water Index  Satellite Imagery  Delineation  Morphology  Australia  Features  Bodies  Ndwi  
Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers in Soils, Sediments, and Human Hair in a Plastic Waste Recycling Area: A Neglected Heavily Polluted Area SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Tang Z. W.;  Huang Q. F.;  Cheng J. L.;  Yang Y. F.;  Yang J.;  Guo W.;  Nie Z. Q.;  Zeng N.;  Jin L.
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Brominated Flame Retardants  Pearl River Delta  South China  Electronic-waste  Developing-countries  Industrial-areas  Pbdes  Urban  Profiles  Contamination  
Ammonia emissions from soil under sheep grazing in Inner Mongolian grasslands of China SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Zhang Y. H.;  He N. P.;  Zhang G. M.;  Huang J. H.;  Wang Q. B.;  Pan Q. M.;  Han X. G.
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Nh3  n Emission  Grazing Intensity  Stocking Rate  Nitrogen Cycle  Inner  Mongolia  Calcareous Soils  Grazed Grassland  Nitrogen Mineralization  Surface  Applications  n Mineralization  Northern China  Typical Steppe  Stocking  Rate  Volatilization  Temperature