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Evaluating the skill of NMME seasonal precipitation ensemble predictions for 17 hydroclimatic regions in continental China SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Ma F.;  Ye, A. Z.;  Deng, X. X.;  Zhou, Z.;  Liu, X. J.;  Duan, Q. Y.;  Xu, J.;  Miao, C. Y.;  Di, Z. H.;  Gong, W.
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seasonal precipitation predictions  NMME  BMA  RRMSE-R diagram  China  american multimodel ensemble  to-interannual prediction  climate  forecast system  potential predictability  data assimilation  united-states  rainfall  model  simulations  variability  
Hydrological monitoring and seasonal forecasting: Progress and perspectives SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Tang Q. H.;  Zhang, X. J.;  Duan, Q. Y.;  Huang, S. F.;  Yuan, X.;  Cui, H. J.;  Li, Z.;  Liu, X. C.
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hydrological monitoring  hydrological forecasting  uncertainty  modeling  remote sensing  climate model  conterminous united-states  precipitation analysis tmpa  ensemble  prediction system  data assimilation system  land data assimilation  yellow-river basin  soil-moisture  satellite precipitation  climate  forecasts  changing climate  
A preliminary analysis of the surface chemistry of atmospheric aerosol particles in a typical urban area of Beijing SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Zhang Z. Z.;  Li, H.;  Liu, H. Y.;  Ni, R. X.;  Li, J. J.;  Deng, L. Q.;  Lu, D. F.;  Cheng, X. L.;  Duan, P. L.;  Li, W. J.
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Atmospheric aerosol  Surface chemistry  Influential factors  TOF-SIMS  Beijing  ion mass-spectrometry  tof-sims  fluoride  environment  pm2.5  city  salt  
A space-time visualization analysis method for taxi operation in Beijing SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Zhang J. Q.;  Qiu, P. Y.;  Duan, Y. C.;  Du, M. Y.;  Lu, F.
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Space-time visualization analysis  Data mining  GIS for transportation  
Leaf nitrogen and phosphorus stoichiometry of plant communities in geochemically phosphorus-enriched soils in a subtropical mountainous region, SW China SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Yan K.;  Duan, C. Q.;  Fu, D. G.;  Li, J.;  Wong, M. H. G.;  Qian, L.;  Tian, Y. X.
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Species-specific Responses  Leaf Inorganic Phosphorus  Leaf Organic  Phosphorus  Geochemically P-enriched Soils (Gees)  Central Yunnan  N-p Ratios  Functional-significance  Terrestrial Ecosystems  Nutrient  Resorption  Patterns  Forests  Phytoremediation  Succession  Limitation  Worldwide  
Magnetism of the Huguangyan Maar Lake sediments, Southeast China and its paleoenvironmental implications SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Duan Z. Q.;  Liu Q. S.;  Yang X. Q.;  Gao X.;  Su Y. L.
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Huguangyan  Magnetic Minerals  Lake Catchment  Indian Summer Monsoon  Resolution Pollen Record  East-asian Monsoon  Loess Plateau  Environmental Magnetism  Loess/paleosol Sequence  Hysteresis Properties  Bacterial Magnetite  Holocene Sediments  Winter Monsoon  Soil Color  
Estimation of Diurnal Cycle of Land Surface Temperature at High Temporal and Spatial Resolution from Clear-Sky MODIS Data SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Duan S. B.;  Li Z. L.;  Tang B. H.;  Wu H.;  Tang R. L.;  Bi Y. Y.;  Zhou G. Q.
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Land Surface Temperature (Lst)  Diurnal Temperature Cycle (Dtc)  Modis  Msg-seviri  Split-window Algorithm  Satellite Data  Emissivity Retrieval  Skin  Temperature  Msg-seviri  Avhrr  Lst  Product  
Improving kinematic wave routing Land Model scheme in Community Land Model SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Ye A. Z.;  Duan Q. Y.;  Zhan C. S.;  Liu Z. F.;  Mao Y. N.
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Catchment-based Kinematic Wave Routing  China  Community Land Model  Discharge  River Transport Model  Travel-time Method  River Flow Model  Diffusion Wave  Cascade Model  Accuracy Criteria  Climate-change  Hydrology  Surface  Scale  Calibration  
Mineral magnetic study of lacustrine sediments from Lake Pumoyum Co, southern Tibet, over the last 19 ka and paleoenvironmental significance SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Su Y. L.;  Gao X.;  Liu Q. S.;  Wang J. B.;  Haberzettl T.;  Zhu L. P.;  Li J. H.;  Duan Z. Q.;  Tian L. D.
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Environmental Magnetism  Lake Sediments  Pumoyum Co  Tibetan Plateau  Paleoenvironment  Oxygen-isotope Record  Grain-size  Magnetotactic Bacteria  Environmental-changes  Marine-sediments  New-zealand  Diagenetic  Formation  Rock Magnetism  Western Tibet  Asian Monsoon  
Mechanism of variations in environmental magnetic proxies of lake sediments from Nam Co, Tibet during the Holocene SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Su Y. L.;  Gao X.;  Liu Q. S.;  Hu P. X.;  Duan Z. Q.;  Jiang Z. X.;  Wang J. B.;  Zhu L. P.;  Doberschutz S.;  Mausbacher R.;  Daut G.;  Haberzettl T.
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Lake Sediment  Rock Magnetism  Nam Co  Tibetan Plateau  Holocene  Rock Magnetism  Greigite Fe3s4  Plateau  Minerals  Record  China  Titanomagnetite  Pleistocene  Reactivity  Sulfide