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How does inter-annual variability of attainable yield affect the magnitude of yield gaps for wheat and maize? An analysis at ten sites 期刊论文
AGRICULTURAL SYSTEMS, 2018, 卷号: 159, 页码: 199-208
Authors:  Hoffmann, M. P.;  Haakana, M.;  Asseng, S.;  Hohn, J. G.;  Palosuo, T.;  Ruiz-Ramos, M.;  Fronzek, S.;  Ewert, F.;  Gaiser, T.;  Kassie, B. T.;  Paff, K.;  Rezaei, E. E.;  Rodriguez, A.;  Semenov, M.;  Srivastava, A. K.;  Stratonovitch, P.;  Tao, F.;  Chen, Y.;  Roetter, R. P.
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Inter-annual yield variability  Yield gap analysis  Wheat  Maize  Climate-induced risk  
Spatiotemporal distribution and historical evolution of polders in the Dongting Lake area, China SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Wang J. L.;  Gao, M. X.;  Guo, H. H.;  Chen, E. Y.
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Dongting Lake  polder  spatiotemporal distribution  landscape pattern  evolution model  central yangtze  restoration  responses  impact  
Uncertainty in simulating gross primary production of cropland ecosystem from satellite-based models SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Yuan W. P.;  Cai, W. W.;  Nguy-Robertson, A. L.;  Fang, H. J.;  Suyker, A. E.;  Chen, Y.;  Dong, W. J.;  Liu, S. G.;  Zhang, H. C.
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Light Use Efficiency  Modis  Ec-lue  Modis-gpp  Vpm  Maize  Soybean  Leaf-area Index  Net Primary Productivity  Global Food Security  Use  Efficiency  Climate-change  Terrestrial Ecosystems  Soil-moisture  Modis  Evapotranspiration  Vegetation  
Fluorescent water-soluble organic aerosols in the High Arctic atmosphere SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Fu P. Q.;  Kawamura, K.;  Chen, J.;  Qin, M. Y.;  Ren, L. J.;  Sun, Y. L.;  Wang, Z. F.;  Barrie, L. A.;  Tachibana, E.;  Ding, A. J.;  Yamashita, Y.
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Humic-like  Particulate Matter  Marine Atmosphere  Size Distribution  Fungal Spores  Carbon  Spectroscopy  Particles  Pollution  Climate  
Spatial and temporal variations of chlorophyll-a concentration from 2009 to 2012 in Poyang Lake, China SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Wang J. L.;  Zhang, Y. J.;  Yang, F.;  Cao, X. M.;  Bai, Z. Q.;  Zhu, J. X.;  Chen, E. Y.;  Li, Y. F.;  Ran, Y. Y.
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Water Color Remote Sensing  Retrieval Model  Chlorophyll-a  Concentration  Spectral Analysis  Remote-sensing Inversion  Poyang Lake  Suspended Particulate Matter  Flood Frequency  Coastal Waters  Satellite  Data  Nitrogen  Imagery  Algorithms  Model  Finland  Region  
Joint control of terrestrial gross primary productivity by plant phenology and physiology SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Xia J. Y.;  Niu, S. L.;  Ciais, P.;  Janssens, I. A.;  Chen, J. Q.;  Ammann, C.;  Arain, A.;  Blanken, P. D.;  Cescatti, A.;  Bonal, D.;  Buchmann, N.;  Curtis, P. S.;  Chen, S. P.;  Dong, J. W.;  Flanagan, L. B.;  Frankenberg, C.;  Georgiadis, T.;  Gough, C. M.;  Hui, D. F.;  Kiely, G.;  Li, J. W.;  Lund, M.;  Magliulo, V.;  Marcolla, B.;  Merbold, L.;  Montagnani, L.;  Moors, E. J.;  Olesen, J. E.;  Piao, S. L.;  Raschi, A.;  Roupsard, O.;  Suyker, A. E.;  Urbaniak, M.;  Vaccari, F. P.;  Varlagin, A.;  Vesala, T.;  Wilkinson, M.;  Weng, E.;  Wohlfahrt, G.;  Yan, L. M.;  Luo, Y. Q.
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Ecosystem Carbon Uptake  Growing Season Length  Photosynthetic Capacity  Spatiotemporal Variability  Climate Extreme  Climate-change  Chlorophyll Fluorescence  Ecosystem Productivity  Vegetation Phenology  Stomatal Conductance  Forest Phenology  Carbon  Uptake  Models  Photosynthesis  Variability  
Factors Underlying Different Myopia Prevalence between Middle- and Low-income Provinces in China SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Zhou Z. Q.;  Ma, X. C.;  Yi, H. M.;  Pang, X. P.;  Shi, Y. J.;  Chen, Q. Y.;  Meltzer, M. E.;  Price-Sanchez, C.;  He, M. G.;  Rozelle, S.;  Morgan, I.;  Congdon, N.
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Challenges and opportunities of German-Chinese cooperation in water science and technology SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Chen C.;  Bornick, H.;  Cai, Q. H.;  Dai, X. H.;  Jahnig, S. C.;  Kong, Y. L.;  Krebs, P.;  Kuenzer, C.;  Kunstmann, H.;  Liu, Y.;  Nixdorf, E.;  Pang, Z. H.;  Rode, M.;  Schueth, C.;  Song, Y. H.;  Yue, T. X.;  Zhou, K. X.;  Zhang, J.;  Kolditz, O.
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Harmful Algal Blooms  Drinking-water  Model  Land  Implementation  Ecosystems  Catchments  Satellite  Dynamics  Systems  
Accuracy of Rural Refractionists in Western China SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Zhou Z. Q.;  Zeng J. X.;  Ma X. C.;  Pang X. P.;  Yi H. M.;  Chen Q. Y.;  Meltzer M. E.;  He M. G.;  Rozelle S.;  Congdon N.
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China  Rural  Refractionist  Refraction  Optometrist  Accuracy  Linear Mixed Models  Visual Impairment  School-children  Southern China  Error  Myopia  
Year patterns of climate impact on wheat yields SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Yu Q.;  Li L. H.;  Luo Q. Y.;  Eamus D.;  Xu S. H.;  Chen C.;  Wang E. L.;  Liu J. D.;  Nielsen D. C.
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Central Great-plains  Crop Yields  Southern-oscillation  United-states  Rice Yield  Variability  Model  California  Apsim  Australia