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Roles of Climate, Vegetation and Soil in Regulating the Spatial Variations in Ecosystem Carbon Dioxide Fluxes in the Northern Hemisphere SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Chen Z.;  Yu, G. R.;  Ge, J. P.;  Wang, Q. F.;  Zhu, X. J.;  Xu, Z. W.
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Net Primary Productivity  Terrestrial Ecosystems  Long-term  Interannual  Variability  Water-vapor  Exchange  Respiration  Model  Patterns  Forests  
Multilevel Modelling with Spatial Interaction Effects with Application to an Emerging Land Market in Beijing, China SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Dong G. P.;  Harris, R.;  Jones, K.;  Yu, J. H.
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Prices  Health  
Modeling Net Ecosystem Carbon Exchange of Alpine Grasslands with a Satellite-Driven Model SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Yan W.;  Hu, Z. M.;  Zhao, Y. P.;  Zhang, X. Z.;  Fan, Y. Z.;  Shi, P. L.;  He, Y. T.;  Yu, G. R.;  Li, Y. N.
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Gross Primary Production  Use Efficiency Model  Flux Data  Temperature-dependence  Vegetation Indexes  Forest Ecosystems  Integrating Modis  Soil Respiration  Dioxide Exchange  Tibetan Plateau  
Differences in SOM Decomposition and Temperature Sensitivity among Soil Aggregate Size Classes in a Temperate Grasslands SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Wang Q.;  Wang, D.;  Wen, X. F.;  Yu, G. R.;  He, N. P.;  Wang, R. F.
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Organic-matter Decomposition  Arctic Tundra Soils  Carbon Decomposition  Microbial Biomass  c Sequestration  Climate-change  Land-use  Fractions  Respiration  Turnover  
Sinks for Inorganic Nitrogen Deposition in Forest Ecosystems with Low and High Nitrogen Deposition in China SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Sheng W. P.;  Yu G. R.;  Fang H. J.;  Jiang C. M.;  Yan J. H.;  Zhou M.
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2 Temperate Forests  Terrestrial Ecosystems  Coniferous Forest  Natural-abundance  Foliar Retention  Southern China  N-15 Abundance  Air-pollution  Saturation  Canopy  
Simulated Nitrogen Deposition Reduces CH4 Uptake and Increases N2O Emission from a Subtropical Plantation Forest Soil in Southern China SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Wang Y. S.;  Cheng S. L.;  Fang H. J.;  Yu G. R.;  Xu M. J.;  Dang X. S.;  Li L. S.;  Wang L.
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Qinghai-tibetan Plateau  Greenhouse-gas Fluxes  Alpine Meadow Soil  Methane Oxidation  Atmospheric Methane  Spruce Forest  Oxide Fluxes  Environmental-factors  Pine Plantation  Land-use  
Effects of Climatic Factors and Ecosystem Responses on the Inter-Annual Variability of Evapotranspiration in a Coniferous Plantation in Subtropical China SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Xu M. J.;  Wen X. F.;  Wang H. M.;  Zhang W. J.;  Dai X. Q.;  Song J.;  Wang Y. D.;  Fu X. L.;  Liu Y. F.;  Sun X. M.;  Yu G. R.
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Tropical Rain-forest  Siberian Larch Forest  Temperate Deciduous Forest  Asian Summer Monsoon  Sap-flow  Canopy Conductance  Energy-exchange  Carbon-exchange  Water-balance  Seasonal-variation  
Total Nitrogen Concentrations in Surface Water of Typical Agro- and Forest Ecosystems in China, 2004-2009 SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Xu Z. W.;  Zhang X. Y.;  Xie J.;  Yuan G. F.;  Tang X. Z.;  Sun X. M.;  Yu G. R.
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Taihu Lake Region  Land-use  River-basin  New-zealand  Acid-rain  Management  Streams  Agriculture  Catchment  Pollution  
Hysteresis Responses of Evapotranspiration to Meteorological Factors at a Diel Timescale: Patterns and Causes SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Zheng H.;  Wang Q. F.;  Zhu X. J.;  Li Y. N.;  Yu G. R.
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Net Ecosystem Exchange  Tibetan Plateau  Carbon-dioxide  Water-vapor  Transpiration  Australia  Flux  China  Assimilation  Conductance  
Enhancement of Carbon Sequestration in Soil in the Temperature Grasslands of Northern China by Addition of Nitrogen and Phosphorus SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  He N. P.;  Yu Q.;  Wang R. M.;  Zhang Y. H.;  Gao Y.;  Yu G. R.
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Land-use  Organic-matter  Deposition  Storage  Ecosystems  Dynamics  Litter  Mineralization  Acidification  Perspective