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Scientific Workflow Approach (Kepler) for Carbon flux data processing 会议论文
Authors:  Liu M.;  He H. L.;  Sun X. M.;  Yu G. R.
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Scientific Workflow  Automation Of Scientific Processes  Computation  Co(2) Flux Data  Kepler  System  
A New Road Network Model: Division Network 会议论文
Authors:  Cao Y. R.;  Zhang L.;  Yu X.;  Ma L. G.;  He J. B.
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Division Network  Concept Model  Road Data Update  Standard  Navigation  Lbs  
Spatio-temporal changes of land use in Jinghe Watershed 会议论文
Authors:  Yang L.;  Xie G. D.;  Zhen L.;  Guo G. M.;  Leng Y. F.;  Yu G.;  Ieee
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Grassland ecosystem services and their economic evaluation in Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau based on RS and GIS 会议论文
Authors:  Yu G.;  Lu C. X.;  Xie G. D.;  Luo Z. J.;  Yang L.;  Ieee
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Grassland Ecosystem Services  Economic Evaluation  Rs  Gis  
Tibetan plateau serves as a water tower 会议论文
Authors:  Lu C. X.;  Yu G.;  Xie G. D.;  Ieee
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Water Tower  Water Storage And Conservation  Tibetan Plateau  
China's wetlands restoration around Poyang Lake, middle Yangtze: Evidences from Landsat TM/ETM images 会议论文
Authors:  Jiang L. G.;  Yu X. B.;  Zhao H. X.;  Zhou Y. M.;  Ieee
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Wetlands Restoration  Poyang Lake  Landsat  
Problems of ecosystem management in the Yellow River Basin and countermeasures 会议论文
Authors:  Zhang Z. X.;  Wei Y. X.;  Yu G. R.
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Yellow River Basin  Problems In Ecosystem Management  Countermeasures  
Estimation of china net primary productivity by NOAA-AVHRR data 会议论文
Authors:  Gao Y. C.;  Fu G. B.;  Yu J. J.;  Yan C. Y.;  Niu Z.;  Wan C. Y.;  Ieee
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