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Water use efficiency of China's terrestrial ecosystems and responses to drought SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Liu Y. B.;  Xiao, J. F.;  Ju, W. M.;  Zhou, Y. L.;  Wang, S. Q.;  Wu, X. C.
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Net Primary Productivity  Remote-sensing Inputs  Carbon-dioxide  Modis  Data  Spatial Variability  Forest Ecosystems  Eastern China  United-states  Model-driven  Flux Tower  
Evolution and variation of atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration over terrestrial ecosystems as derived from eddy covariance measurements SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Liu M.;  Wu, J. B.;  Zhu, X. D.;  He, H. L.;  Jia, W. X.;  Xiang, W. N.
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Co2 Concentration  Terrestrial Ecosystem  Carbon Flux  Eddy Covariance  Technique  Urban Co2 Dome  Net Carbon  Interannual Variability  Northern  Ecosystems  Temporal Variations  Inverse Model  400 Ppm  Exchange  Cycle  Trends  
Understanding urban China with open data SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Liu X. J.;  Song, Y.;  Wu, K.;  Wang, J. H.;  Li, D.;  Long, Y.
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China  Open Data  Urban Analytics  Featured Graphic.  Big Data  Information  Challenges  
Pollen evidence of the palaeoenvironments of Lufengpithecus lufengensis in the Zhaotong Basin, southeastern margin of the Tibetan Plateau SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Chang L.;  Guo, Z. T.;  Deng, C. L.;  Wu, H. B.;  Ji, X. P.;  Zhao, Y.;  Zhang, C. X.;  Ge, J. Y.;  Wu, B. L.;  Sun, L.;  Zhu, R. X.
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Palaeovegetation  Pollen  Habitat  Hominoid  Late Miocene  Southeastern  Margin Of The Tibetan Plateau  Late Miocene  Climate-change  Yuanmou Basin  Hominoid Locality  Indian-ocean  Great Ape  China  Evolution  Yunnan  Vegetation  
Assessing the transferability of support vector machine model for estimation of global solar radiation from air temperature SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Chen J. L.;  Li, G. S.;  Xiao, B. B.;  Wen, Z. F.;  Lv, M. Q.;  Chen, C. D.;  Jiang, Y.;  Wang, X. X.;  Wu, S. J.
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Global solar radiation  Support vector machine  Air temperatures  Distance  Altitude  measured meteorological data  artificial neural-network  sunshine  duration  diffuse fraction  china  prediction  turkey  precipitation  simulations  validation  
Evaporative enrichment of stable isotopes (delta O-18 and delta D) in lake water and the relation to lake-level change of Lake Qinghai, Northeast Tibetan Plateau of China SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Wu H. W.;  Li, X. Y.;  Li, J.;  Jiang, Z. Y.;  Li, G. Y.;  Liu, L.
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Stable Isotopes  D-excess  Lake Level  E/i Ratio  Isotopic Enrichment  Model  Paleoclimate  Oxygen-isotope  Deuterium Excess  Environmental-change  United-states  Qaidam Basin  Great-lakes  Precipitation  Record  Sediments  Balance  
Quantifying atmospheric nitrogen deposition through a nationwide monitoring network across China SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Xu W.;  Luo, X. S.;  Pan, Y. P.;  Zhang, L.;  Tang, A. H.;  Shen, J. L.;  Zhang, Y.;  Li, K. H.;  Wu, Q. H.;  Yang, D. W.;  Zhang, Y. Y.;  Xue, J.;  Li, W. Q.;  Li, Q. Q.;  Tang, L.;  Lu, S. H.;  Liang, T.;  Tong, Y. A.;  Liu, P.;  Zhang, Q.;  Xiong, Z. Q.;  Shi, X. J.;  Wu, L. H.;  Shi, W. Q.;  Tian, K.;  Zhong, X. H.;  Shi, K.;  Tang, Q. Y.;  Zhang, L. J.;  Huang, J. L.;  He, C. E.;  Kuang, F. H.;  Zhu, B.;  Liu, H.;  Jin, X.;  Xin, Y. J.;  Shi, X. K.;  Du, E. Z.;  Dore, A. J.;  Tang, S.;  Collett, J. L.;  Goulding, K.;  Sun, Y. X.;  Ren, J.;  Zhang, F. S.;  Liu, X. J.
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dry deposition  wet deposition  air-pollution  united-states  reactive  nitrogen  beijing olympics  north china  chemistry  ammonia  models  
Multispherical interactions and their effects on the Tibetan Plateau's earth system: a review of the recent researches SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Yao T.;  Wu, F.;  Ding, L.;  Sun, J.;  Zhu, L.;  Piao, S. L.;  Deng, T.;  Ni, X.;  Zheng, H.;  Ouyang, H.
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Tibetan Plateau  multispherical interactions  effects  southern tibet  lunpola basin  paleo-altimetry  volcanic-rocks  american-west  last decade  uplift  gangdese  climate  evolution  
Effects of Grazing on Above- vs. Below-Ground Biomass Allocation of Alpine Grasslands on the Northern Tibetan Plateau SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Zeng C. X.;  Wu, J. S.;  Zhang, X. Z.
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Net Primary Productivity  Precipitation Gradient  Environmental-factors  Aboveground Biomass  China Grasslands  Inner-mongolia  Use Efficiency  Climate-change  Diversity  Exclusion  
Daytime Land Surface Temperature Extraction from MODIS Thermal Infrared Data under Cirrus Clouds SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Fan X. W.;  Tang, B. H.;  Wu, H.;  Yan, G. J.;  Li, Z. L.
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Cirrus Clouds  Error Correction  Generalized Split-window Algorithm  Land Surface Temperature Retrieval  Modis  Split-window Algorithm  Radiation Measurements  Satellite Data  Part Ii  Validation  Channels  Retrievals  Models  Radius