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Evaluation of the Community Land Model simulated carbon and water fluxes against observations over ChinaFLUX sites SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Zhang L.;  Mao, J. F.;  Shi, X. Y.;  Ricciuto, D.;  He, H. L.;  Thornton, P.;  Yu, G. R.;  Li, P.;  Liu, M.;  Ren, X. L.;  Han, S. J.;  Li, Y. N.;  Yan, J. H.;  Hao, Y. B.;  Wang, H. M.
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Community land model  ChinaFLUX  Eddy covariance  Carbon flux  air co2 enrichment  global vegetation models  leymus-chinensis steppe  net ecosystem exchange  earth system models  cycle feedbacks  forest  ecosystems  use efficiency  coniferous plantation  uncertainty analysis  
Assessing spatiotemporal variation of drought in China and its impact on agriculture during 1982-2011 by using PDSI indices and agriculture drought survey data SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Yan H.;  Wang, S. Q.;  Wang, J. B.;  Lu, H. Q.;  Guo, A. H.;  Zhu, Z. C.;  Myneni, R. B.;  Shugart, H. H.
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PDSI  agricultural drought survey  drought area  potential evaporation  water-use efficiency  severity index  elevated co2  global drought  soil-moisture  evapotranspiration  photosynthesis  yield  classification  variability  
Improving the light use efficiency model for simulating terrestrial vegetation gross primary production by the inclusion of diffuse radiation across ecosystems in China SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Wang S. Q.;  Huang, K.;  Yan, H.;  Yan, H. M.;  Zhou, L.;  Wang, H. M.;  Zhang, J. H.;  Yan, J. H.;  Zhao, L.;  Wang, Y. F.;  Shi, P. L.;  Zhao, F. H.;  Sun, L. G.
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Cloudiness Index  Cloudiness Index Light Use Efficiency (Cilue) Model  Eddy Covariance Flux  Mod17 Model  Leymus-chinensis Steppe  Net Primary Production  Carbon-dioxide Fluxes  Sub-alpine Grassland  Forest Ecosystems  Tibetan Plateau  Inner-mongolia  Climate Data  Water-vapor  Atmospheric Particles  
Improved global simulations of gross primary product based on a new definition of water stress factor and a separate treatment of C3 and C4 plants SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Yan H.;  Wang, S. Q.;  Billesbach, D.;  Oechel, W.;  Bohrer, G.;  Meyers, T.;  Martin, T. A.;  Matamala, R.;  Phillips, R. P.;  Rahman, F.;  Yu, Q.;  Shugart, H. H.
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Gross Primary Production  Eddy Covariance  Carbon Flux Model  Light Use  Efficiency  Modis  Net Primary Production  Leaf-area Index  Drought-induced Reduction  Carbon-dioxide Exchange  Photosynthetically Active Radiation  Enhanced  Vegetation Index  Remotely-sensed Data  Use Efficiency Model  Light Use  Efficiency  Energy-exchange  
Effects of Grazing Regimes on Plant Traits and Soil Nutrients in an Alpine Steppe, Northern Tibetan Plateau SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Sun J.;  Wang X. D.;  Cheng G. W.;  Wu J. B.;  Hong J. T.;  Niu S. L.
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Below-ground Biomass  Inner-mongolia  Carbon Storage  Aboveground  Biomass  Physical-properties  Global Patterns  Organic-carbon  Loess  Plateau  Allocation  Grassland  
Development of a remotely sensing seasonal vegetation-based Palmer Drought Severity Index and its application of global drought monitoring over 1982-2011 SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Yan H.;  Wang S. Q.;  Lu H. Q.;  Yu Q.;  Zhu Z. C.;  Myneni R. B.;  Liu Q.;  Shugart H. H.
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Leaf-area Index  Potential Evapotranspiration  El-nino  Part Ii  Evaporation  Variability  Moisture  Climate  Decline  Events  
Diagnostic analysis of interannual variation of global land evapotranspiration over 1982-2011: Assessing the impact of ENSO SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Yan H.;  Yu Q.;  Zhu Z. C.;  Myneni R. B.;  Yan H. M.;  Wang S. Q.;  Shugart H. H.
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Evapotranspiration  Precipitation  El Nino  La Nina  Climate Change  Ensemble Method  Nino-southern-oscillation  El-nino  Vegetation Index  Soil-moisture  Water-balance  Precipitation Anomalies  Rainfall Variability  Surface-energy  River-basin  Heat-flux  
Simulating urban expansion using a cloud-based cellular automata model: A case study of Jiangxia, Wuhan, China SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Wang H. J.;  He S. W.;  Liu X. J.;  Dai L.;  Pan P.;  Hong S.;  Zhang W. T.
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Urban Growth  Cellular Automata  Cloud Model  Uncertainties  Wuhan  Land-use Dynamics  Transition Rules  Categorical Maps  Gis  Uncertainty  Growth  Urbanization  Optimization  Integration  Validation  
Global estimation of evapotranspiration using a leaf area index-based surface energy and water balance model SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Yan H.;  Wang S. Q.;  Billesbach D.;  Oechel W.;  Zhang J. H.;  Meyers T.;  Martin T. A.;  Matamala R.;  Baldocchi D.;  Bohrer G.;  Dragoni D.;  Scott R.
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Evapotranspiration  Air Relative Humidity  Stomatal Conductance  Canopy  Transpiration  Soil Evaporation  Soil Water Balance Model  Eddy  Covariance  Southern Great-plains  Space-time Climate  Soil Heat-flux  Land-surface  Stomatal Conductance  Carbon-dioxide  Photosynthesis Model  Satellite  Data  Avhrr Data  Vegetation  
Evaluation of relative water use efficiency (RWUE) at a regional scale: a case study of Tuhai-Majia Basin, China SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Huang Y. H.;  Jiang D.;  Zhuang D. F.;  Wang J. H.;  Yang H. J.;  Ren H. Y.
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Evapotranspiration  Land Use  Relative Water Use Efficiency  Agriculture  Irrigation