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Socio-Economic Factors of Bacillary Dysentery Based on Spatial Correlation Analysis in Guangxi Province, China SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Nie C. J.;  Li H. R.;  Yang L. S.;  Zhong G. M.;  Zhang L.
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Meteorological Factors  Climate Variations  Epidemics  Disease  Queensland  Regression  Australia  Northern  Cities  Brazil  
Litter mixing significantly affects decomposition in the Hulun Buir meadow steppe of Inner Mongolia, China SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Zhang C. H.;  Li S. G.;  Zhang L. M.;  Xin X. P.;  Liu X. R.
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Non-additive Effect  Interaction Strength  Single Litter  Mixed Litter  Nutrient Concentration  Leaf-litter  Forest Ecosystem  Diversity  Chemistry  Grassland  Mixtures  Biodiversity  Communities  Stream  Rates  
High carbon dioxide uptake by subtropical forest ecosystems in the East Asian monsoon region SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Yu G. R.;  Chen Z.;  Piao S. L.;  Peng C. H.;  Ciais P.;  Wang Q. F.;  Li X. R.;  Zhu X. J.
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Soil Respiration  Nitrogen Deposition  Tropical Forests  Tibetan  Plateau  Atmospheric Co2  Pine Forests  Climate  Exchange  Fluxes  Sequestration  
Inversion of the PROSAIL model to estimate leaf area index of maize, potato, and sunflower fields from unmanned aerial vehicle hyperspectral data SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Duan S. B.;  Li Z. L.;  Wu H.;  Tang B. H.;  Ma L. L.;  Zhao E. Y.;  Li C. R.
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Leaf Area Index  Prosail  Hyperspectral  Look-up Table  Dual-angle  Observations  Radiative-transfer Model  Vapor Column Abundance  Remote-sensing Data  Reflectance Data  Chris/proba Data  Global Products  Vegetation Lai  Variables  Retrieval  Grassland  
Estimation of evapotranspiration over the terrestrial ecosystems in China SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Li X. L.;  Liang S. L.;  Yuan W. P.;  Yu G. R.;  Cheng X.;  Chen Y.;  Zhao T. B.;  Feng J. M.;  Ma Z. G.;  Ma M. G.;  Liu S. M.;  Chen J. Q.;  Shao C. L.;  Li S. G.;  Zhang X. D.;  Zhang Z. Q.;  Sun G.;  Chen S. P.;  Ohta T.;  Varlagin A.;  Miyata A.;  Takagi K.;  Saiqusa N.;  Kato T.
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Evapotranspiration  Remote Sensing-penman Monteith Model  Avhrr  Merra  Eddy Covariance  Net Primary Productivity  Yangtze-river Catchment  Light-use Efficiency  Regional Evapotranspiration  Spatial-distribution  Fluxnet Sites  Water-balance  Evaporation  Surface  Model  
Holocene peatland initiation, lateral expansion, and carbon dynamics in the Zoige Basin of the eastern Tibetan Plateau SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Zhao Y.;  Tang Y.;  Yu Z. C.;  Li H.;  Yang B.;  Zhao W. W.;  Li F. R.;  Li Q.
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Asian Summer Monsoon  Basal Peat Ages  Carbon Accumulation  Peatland  Expansion  Peatland Initiation  Tibetan Plateau  Climate-change  Accumulation  Monsoon  Bog  Vegetation  Histories  Finland  Growth  Cycle  Core  
Comparison of satellite-based evapotranspiration models over terrestrial ecosystems in China SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Chen Y.;  Xia J. Z.;  Liang S. L.;  Feng J. M.;  Fisher J. B.;  Li X.;  Li X. L.;  Liu S. G.;  Ma Z. G.;  Miyata A.;  Mu Q. Z.;  Sun L.;  Tang J. W.;  Wang K. C.;  Wen J.;  Xue Y. J.;  Yu G. R.;  Zha T. G.;  Zhang L.;  Zhang Q.;  Zhao T. B.;  Zhao L.;  Yuan W. P.
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Evapotranspiration  Eddy Covariance  Priestley-taylor  Penman-monteith  Support Vector Machine  Gross Primary Production  Atmosphere Water Flux  Energy-balance  Eddy Covariance  Northwest China  Combining Modis  Ameriflux Data  Land Surfaces  Soil-moisture  
Regional patterns of N-15 natural abundance in forest ecosystems along a large transect in eastern China SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Sheng W. P.;  Yu G. R.;  Fang H. J.;  Liu Y. C.;  Wang Q. F.;  Chen Z.;  Zhang L.
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Tropical Rain-forests  Mycorrhizal Fungi  Nitrogen Deposition  Isotope  Fractionation  Global Patterns  Southern China  Soil  Plant  Nitrate  Availability  
Spatial and Seasonal Variations of the Air Pollution Index and a Driving Factors Analysis in China SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Jiang H. Y.;  Li H. R.;  Yang L. S.;  Li Y. H.;  Wang W. Y.;  Yan Y. C.
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Local Indicators  North China  Association  Patterns  Cities  
Geographical statistical assessments of carbon fluxes in terrestrial ecosystems of China: Results from upscaling network observations SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Zhu X. J.;  Yu G. R.;  He H. L.;  Wang Q. F.;  Chen Z.;  Gao Y. N.;  Zhang Y. P.;  Zhang J. H.;  Yan J. H.;  Wang H. M.;  Zhou G. S.;  Jia B. R.;  Xiang W. H.;  Li Y. N.;  Zhao L.;  Wang Y. F.;  Shi P. L.;  Chen S. P.;  Xin X. P.;  Zhao F. H.;  Wang Y. Y.;  Tong C. L.;  Fu Y. L.;  Wen X. F.;  Liu Y. C.;  Zhang L. M.;  Zhang L.;  Su W.;  Li S. G.;  Sun X. M.
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Eddy Covariance  Gross Ecosystem Productivity  Net Ecosystem  Productivity  Ecosystem Respiration  Carbon Budget Assessment  Potential  Carbon Sink  Gross Primary Production  Net Primary Production  Atmospheric Co2  Interannual Variability  Spatial-patterns  Dioxide Uptake  Climate  Model  Land  Productivity