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北京市等时间交通圈的范围、形态与结构特征 中文期刊论文
Authors:  陈卓;  金凤君
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交通圈  范围  形态  结构  京津冀  
中国高速公路网的可达性格局及演化 中文期刊论文
Authors:  王成金;  程佳佳
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高速公路  最短距离模型  可达性  
Evaluation of the Community Land Model simulated carbon and water fluxes against observations over ChinaFLUX sites SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Zhang L.;  Mao, J. F.;  Shi, X. Y.;  Ricciuto, D.;  He, H. L.;  Thornton, P.;  Yu, G. R.;  Li, P.;  Liu, M.;  Ren, X. L.;  Han, S. J.;  Li, Y. N.;  Yan, J. H.;  Hao, Y. B.;  Wang, H. M.
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Community land model  ChinaFLUX  Eddy covariance  Carbon flux  air co2 enrichment  global vegetation models  leymus-chinensis steppe  net ecosystem exchange  earth system models  cycle feedbacks  forest  ecosystems  use efficiency  coniferous plantation  uncertainty analysis  
Distribution characteristics and policy implications of territorial development suitability of the Yangtze River Basin SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Tang C. C.;  Fan, J.;  Sun, W.
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Territorial Development Suitability (Tds)  Distribution  Policy  Yangtze  River Basin  Geographical Information-systems  
The classification and assessment of vulnerability of man-land system of oasis city in arid area SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Gao C.;  Lei J.;  Jin F. J.
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Vulnerability  Sensitivity  Man-land System  Oasis Cities  Arid Area  Environmental Vulnerability  Sustainability Science  Adaptive Capacity  River-basin  China  Cities  Xinjiang  
Local responses to macro development policies and their effects on rural system in China's mountainous regions: the case of Shuanghe Village in Sichuan Province 期刊论文
JOURNAL OF MOUNTAIN SCIENCE, 2013, 卷号: 10, 期号: 4, 页码: 588-608
Authors:  Li, YuRui(李裕瑞);  Liu, YS;  Long, HL;  Wang, JY
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Local Responses  Western Development Program  Grain For Green Project  Agricultural Support Policies  Building New Countryside  Rural Policy Evaluation  
中国资源枯竭城市产业功能特征 中文期刊论文
Authors:  曹靖;  张文忠
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产业功能特征  优势产业功能  专业化程度  资源枯竭城市  中国  
国内外城市空间扩展研究评析 中文期刊论文
Authors:  闫梅;  黄金川
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城市  空间扩展  研究综述  展望  
Interactions between water-land resources and oasis urban development at the northern slopes of the Tianshan Mountains, Xinjiang, China SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Lei J.;  Dong W.;  Yang Yu(杨宇);  Lu J.;  Sterr T.
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Oasis Urban Development  Water-land Resources  Coupling Factors  Coupling Degree  NorThern Slopes Of The Tianshan Mountains  Constraint Force  Hexi Corridor  Nw China  System  Urbanization  Management  
Geographical differences and influencing factors of rural energy consumption in Southwest mountain areas in China: A case study of Zhaotong City SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Sun W.;  Han X. X.;  Sheng K. R.;  Fan J.
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Southwest Mountain Areas  Sustainable Livelihoods  Energy For  Non-production Purposes  Terrain  Sustainable Development  Renewable Energy