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The Spatial and Temporal Distribution of Dissolved Organic Carbon Exported from Three Chinese Rivers to the China Sea SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Shi G. H.;  Peng, C. H.;  Wang, M.;  Shi, S. W.;  Yang, Y. Z.;  Chu, J. Y.;  Zhang, J. J.;  Lin, G. H.;  Shen, Y.;  Zhu, Q. A.
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yellow-river  climate-change  xijiang river  pearl river  transport  fluxes  variability  basin  ocean  land  
Temporal and Spatial Analysis of Neural Tube Defects and Detection of Geographical Factors in Shanxi Province, China SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Liao Y. L.;  Zhang, Y.;  He, L.;  Wang, J. F.;  Liu, X.;  Zhang, N. X.;  Xu, B.
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high prevalence  trace-elements  folic-acid  risk  area  population  exposure  rates  soil  
A Regional Categorization for "New-Type Urbanization" in China SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Fang C. L.;  Ma, H. T.;  Wang, J.
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Rural Income Disparity  Sustainable Urbanization  Rapid Urbanization  Peri-urbanization  Food Security  Western China  Land-use  Urban  Villages  Area  
Visualized Exploratory Spatiotemporal Analysis of Hand-Foot-Mouth Disease in Southern China SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Huang J. X.;  Wang, J. F.;  Li, Z. J.;  Wang, Y.;  Lai, S. J.;  Yang, W. Z.
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transmission dynamics  brucellosis model  infection  time  epidemic  taiwan  
Is Yield Increase Sufficient to Achieve Food Security in China? SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Wei X.;  Zhang, Z.;  Shi, P. J.;  Wang, P.;  Chen, Y.;  Song, X.;  Tao, F. L.
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Agricultural Sustainability  Use Efficiency  Winter-wheat  Soil Quality  Heat-stress  Hybrid Rice  Land-use  Water  Climate  Maize  
A 50-m Forest Cover Map in Southeast Asia from ALOS/PALSAR and Its Application on Forest Fragmentation Assessment SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Dong J. W.;  Xiao X. M.;  Sheldon S.;  Biradar C.;  Zhang G. L.;  Duong N. D.;  Hazarika M.;  Wikantika K.;  Takeuhci W.;  Moore B.
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Coarse Spatial-resolution  Alos Palsar  Accuracy Assessment  Tropical  Forests  Sar Data  Brazilian Amazonia  Rubber Plantations  Landsat  Imagery  Satellite Data  United-states  
Acclimation of Foliar Respiration and Photosynthesis in Response to Experimental Warming in a Temperate Steppe in Northern China SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Chi Y. G.;  Xu M.;  Shen R. C.;  Yang Q. P.;  Huang B. R.;  Wan S. Q.
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Elevated Atmospheric Co2  Electron-transport Rate  Leaf Dark  Respiration  Thermal-acclimation  Mesophyll Conductance  Growth  Temperature  Populus-deltoides  Rubisco-activase  Carbon-dioxide  Water-stress