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Comparison of four EVI-based models for estimating gross primary production of maize and soybean croplands and tallgrass prairie under severe drought SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Dong J. W.;  Xiao, X. M.;  Wagle, P.;  Zhang, G. L.;  Zhou, Y. T.;  Jin, C.;  Torn, M. S.;  Meyers, T. P.;  Suyker, A. E.;  Wang, J. B.;  Yan, H. M.;  Biradar, C.;  Moore, B.
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Gross Primary Production (Gpp)  Drought  Light Use Efficiency (Lue)  Vegetation Photosynthesis Model (Vpm)  Temperature And Greenness (Tg)  Model  Greenness And Radiation (Gr) Model  Vegetation Index (Vi) Model  Light-use Efficiency  Net Ecosystem Exchange  Photosynthetically Active  Radiation  Evergreen Needleleaf Forest  Deciduous Broadleaf Forest  Enhanced Vegetation Index  Modis Imagery  Terrestrial Gross  Remote  Estimation  Harvard Forest  
Tracking the dynamics of paddy rice planting area in 1986-2010 through time series Landsat images and phenology-based algorithms SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Dong J. W.;  Xiao, X. M.;  Kou, W. L.;  Qin, Y. W.;  Zhang, G. L.;  Li, L.;  Jin, C.;  Zhou, Y. T.;  Wang, J.;  Biradar, C.;  Liu, J. Y.;  Moore, B.
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Paddy Rice  Landsat-rice  Phenology  Land Use Change  Northeast China  Evergreen Needleleaf Forest  Multitemporal Modis Images  Gross Primary  Production  Cloud Shadow Detection  Central Great-plains  Northeast  China  Sanjiang Plain  Cover Change  Surface Reflectance  Vegetation  Indexes  
A MODIS-based Photosynthetic Capacity Model to estimate gross primary production in Northern China and the Tibetan Plateau SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Gao Y. N.;  Yu G. R.;  Yan H. M.;  Zhu X. J.;  Li S. G.;  Wang Q. F.;  Zhang J. H.;  Wang Y. F.;  Li Y. N.;  Zhao L.;  Shi P. L.
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Gross Primary Production (Gpp)  Eddy Covariance  Vegetation Index  Moisture Index  Photosynthetic Capacity  Photosynthetic Capacity Model  (Pcm)  Light-use Efficiency  Spectral Vegetation Indexes  Deciduous Broadleaf  Forest  Net Ecosystem Exchange  Eddy Covariance  Climate Data  Terrestrial Ecosystems  Remote Estimation  Surface-temperature  Chlorophyll Content  
Parameterization of an ecosystem light-use-efficiency model for predicting savanna GPP using MODIS EVI SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Ma X. L.;  Huete A.;  Yu Q.;  Restrepo-Coupe N.;  Beringer J.;  Hutley L. B.;  Kanniah K. D.;  Cleverly J.;  Eamus D.
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Remote Sensing  Ecosystem Function  Carbon Cycle  Photosynthesis  Phenology  Gross Primary Production  Gross Primary Production  Photosynthetically Active Radiation  Enhanced  Vegetation Index  Land-surface Temperature  Net Primary Production  Eddy  Covariance Data  Leaf-area Index  Primary Productivity  Atmospheric  Correction  Northern Australia  
Spatial patterns and temporal dynamics in savanna vegetation phenology across the north australian tropical transect EI期刊论文
Authors:  Ma Xuanlong;  Huete Alfredo;  Yu Qiang;  Coupe Natalia Restrepo;  Davies Kevin;  Broich Mark;  Ratana Piyachat;  Beringer Jason;  Hutley Lindsay B.;  Cleverly James;  Boulain Nicolas;  Eamus Derek
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Biology  Climate Change  Climate Models  Computer Simulation  Ecosystems  Forestry  Radiometers  Rain  Satellite Imagery  Spectrum Analysis  Surface Measurement  Tropics  Vegetation  
Spatial patterns and temporal dynamics in savanna vegetation phenology across the North Australian Tropical Transect SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Ma X. L.;  Huete A.;  Yu Q.;  Coupe N. R.;  Davies K.;  Broich M.;  Ratana P.;  Beringer J.;  Hutley L. B.;  Cleverly J.;  Boulain N.;  Eamus D.
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Savannas  Phenology  Modis  Evi  Eddy Covariance  Climate Change  Natt  Land-surface Phenology  Vapor-pressure Deficit  Ndvi Time-series  Leaf-area Index  Climate-change  Monsoon Tropics  Green-up  Terrestrial  Ecosystems  Satellite-observations  Seasonal Patterns  
Generation of new cloud masks from MODIS land surface reflectance products EI期刊论文
Authors:  Liu Ronggao;  Liu Yang
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Reflection  Radiometers  Surface Measurement  Time Series Analysis  Uncertainty Analysis  
Generation of new cloud masks from MODIS land surface reflectance products SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Liu R. G.;  Liu Y.
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Modis  Surface Reflectance  Cloud Mask  Time Series Analysis  Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer  Leaf-area  Atmospheric Correction  Vegetation Index  Composite Images  Satellite  Cover  Performance  Retrievals  Algorithm  
New spectral indicator assessing the efficiency of crop nitrogen treatment in corn and wheat SCI/SSCI论文
Authors:  Chen P. F.;  Haboudane D.;  Tremblay N.;  Wang J. H.;  Vigneault P.;  Li B. G.
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Spectral Indices  Nitrogen Concentration  Nitrogen Prediction  Nni  Corn  Wheat  Leaf Optical-properties  Red-edge Position  Vegetation Indexes  Winter-wheat  Chlorophyll Concentration  Precision Agriculture  Canopy  Reflectance  Hyperspectral Data  Plant  Nitrate