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Characterization of arsenic uptake in living Pteris vittata L EI期刊论文
Authors:  Wan Xiao-Ming;  Lei Mei;  Zhou Xiao-Yong;  Yang Jun;  Chen Tongbin;  Zhou Guang-Dong
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Arsenic  Absorption Spectroscopy  Bioremediation  Fluorescence  Fluorescence Spectroscopy  Radiation Damage  Synchrotron Radiation  Synchrotrons  x Ray Absorption  
Ecological and hydrological response of farmlands abandoned for different lengths of time: Evidence from the loess hill slope of china EI期刊论文
Authors:  Hou Jian;  Fu Bojie;  Liu Yu;  Lu Nan;  Gao Guangyao;  Zhou Ji
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Farms  Catchments  Ecology  Erosion  Land Use  Nutrients  Runoff  Sediments  Soils  Vegetation  
Non-point source pollution modelling using Soil and Water Assessment Tool and its parameter sensitivity analysis in Xin'anjiang catchment, China EI期刊论文
Authors:  Zhai Xiaoyan;  Zhang Yongyong;  Wang Xuelei;  Xia Jun;  Liang Tao
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Catchments  Computer Simulation  Eutrophication  Pollution  River Pollution  Runoff  Sols  Water Conservation  Water Management  Water Quality  
Effects of exogenous rare earth elements on phosphorus adsorption and desorption in different types of soils EI期刊论文
Authors:  Wang Lingqing;  Liang Tao
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Soil Pollution  Adsorption  Desorption  Phosphorus  Rare Earth Elements  Soil Surveys  Soils  
Effects of pig manure containing copper and zinc on microbial community assessed via phospholipids in soils EI期刊论文
Authors:  Zhang Yan;  Luo Wei;  Jia Junmei;  Kong Peiru;  Tong Xiaojuan;  Lu Yonglong;  Xie Liqiong;  Ma Fulong;  Giesy John P.
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Soils  Bacteria  Composting  Copper  Fertilizers  Metals  Phospholipids  Zinc  
Alkaline phosphatase activity and its relationship to soil properties in a saline-sodic soil reclaimed by cropping wolfberry (Lycium barbarum L.) with drip irrigation EI期刊论文
Authors:  Zhang Ti-Bin;  Kang Yaohu;  Liu Shu-Hui;  Liu Shi-Ping
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Soils  Irrigation  Ph Effects  Phosphatases  Reclamation  Regression Analysis  
Simulating the impact of watershed management for surface water quality protection: A case study on reducing inorganic nitrogen load at a watershed scale EI期刊论文
Authors:  Chen Yi;  Shuai Jiabing;  Zhang Zhao;  Shi Peijun;  Tao Fulu
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Economic And Social Effects  Cost Effectiveness  Forestry  Nitrogen  Nutrients  Regression Analysis  Soil Conservation  Surface Waters  Water Conservation  Water Management  Water Pollution  Water Quality  Watersheds  
A novel approach to study composition of in situ produced root-derived dissolved organic matter EI期刊论文
Authors:  Rosenfeld Carla E.;  Mccormack M. Luke;  Martinez Carmen E.
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Biological Materials  Carbohydrates  Carbon Dioxide  Isotopes  Nuclear Magnetic Resonance  Soil Moisture  
Global mapping and estimation of ecosystem services values and gross domestic product: A spatially explicit integration of national 'green GDP' accounting EI期刊论文
Authors:  Li Guangdong;  Fang Chuanglin
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Ecosystems  Computational Linguistics  Economics  Finance  Geographic Information Systems  International Trade  Mapping  Satellite Imagery  
A comparison of arsenic accumulation and tolerance among four populations of Pteris vittata from habitats with a gradient of arsenic concentration EI期刊论文
Authors:  Wan Xiao-Ming;  Lei Mei;  Liu Ying-Ru;  Huang Ze-Chun;  Chen Tong-Bin;  Gao Ding
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Soil Pollution  Arsenic  Bioremediation  Ecosystems  Health Risks  Soils